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  • Home » Death Knight, Leveling Tips, Warlock

    +10% Experience? Yes, Please.

    Posted on Jun 16, 2009 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    Leveling an alt is boring. ¬†It’s a slow process of repetition. ¬†Repetition through killing hundreds, even thousands of mobs, and through repeating the same quests you’ve done before with your main character. ¬†Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. ¬†The end-game is where the game begins for many, and the only way to get there is by leveling like mad.

    If you’re like me, you look for every advantage in the leveling game. ¬†I pick and choose my quests based on efficiency and difficulty. ¬†If I know it’s going to be a tough quest, where I may die in the process, I’ll move on to something that yields the same XP with fewer chances of downtime. ¬†I move from area to area quicker than you should, in order to always be on the cutting edge of XP gains from killing mobs and completing quests. ¬†It’s the little things that add up to get you to the level cap quicker than ever.

    I’ve found my next avenue to speed up the leveling game. ¬†With the introduction of Wrath of the Lich King, a number of heirloom items were introduced to assist those leveling their alts. ¬†By gaining tokens from Wintergrasp, and Emblem of Heroism, you can exchange them for gear that levels as you level. ¬†In addition, it provides +10% XP per mob kill or quest turn-in. ¬†Epic.

    I choose the cloth shoulders, Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle, since the alt I’m working on is a clothie. ¬†Not only that, but anyone can wear cloth. ¬†So when Jaltar is working to level 90 with the next expansion, he can benefit from these shoulders as well.

    Being account bound, you can mail these shoulders around to your characters as you wish. ¬†I’ll be able to use these on all of my alts, to assist them in the leveling process. ¬†I’ll definitely check in once I’m able to utilize them and see a real effect.

    What are some of your habits in speeding up the leveling process for your alts?



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    • Psynister

      Leveling an alt is great fun, actually. But to each their own. Regardless, it doesn't have to be either boring or tedious if you take the time to make it better.

      It's not actually a necessary evil either. Two of my friends have been playing since the game was released with a single character the entire time.

      But, to get back on topic here, the +10% experience boost you get from the BoA Shoulders is a significant increase. Note, that the 10% experience boost is on the shoulders, and only the shoulders, not all of the heirloom items. Weapons, trinkets, and other armor pieces do not provide you with the bonus experience.

      If you are leveling up solo you might not notice the increase in leveling speed that you would if you were in a group. If you level with even just a single other person you will be able to notice the difference right away.

      I started a new character and got him up to level 16 when a friend decided to reroll and join me. Since he didn't mind soloing to catch up, we went ahead and stayed on our own paths until we met up in our 30's and then we stayed together to level. When I was at level 42 he was sitting at 47. That's when I decided to get the shoulders for myself.

      So, will you notice it much when soloing? Not particularly. You might, but it is only 10% after all. You don't notice it so much in the short term, but you do in the long. If you have a leveling partner without them though, it's blatantly obvious.

    • Psynister

      A note I apparently skipped over, was that he started his new character with the BoA shoulders, and I didn't bother getting mine until later.

    • WoWphiles WoW Blog

      I agree that the 10% increase is something you definitely see in the long run. I started leveling an alt Paladin with the BoA shoulders and the 10% isn't that noticeable but I have been leveling fairly quickly.

      What's also crazy is that I recently got into Outland and I've gone from 58-62 in Hellfire Peninsula and I'm not even done with the zone. So i'll probably get 5 levels in 1 zone. That's nuts.

    • Psynister

      I leveled from 58 to 64 in Hellfire even without the shoulders, but that was doing every quest the zone had to offer, with some grinding on the buzzards for cooking and the orcs around the instances for cloth drops. Quest-wise, I probably did 5.5 levels worth in Hellfire alone.

      If I did have the shoulders, then I'm sure I would have left closer to 65, possibly 66 just from Hellfire alone.

    • Christopher Duncan

      i have a huntard i went with to outland, i had the shoulders for him as well, i spent most of my time fighting hordies, no offense to any out there, and i spent maybe a total of 8 hours actually doing quests. though i was using the addon zygor, i managed to hit 63 and barely did anything. i’m looking forward to getting back in very soon, i have a total of four shoulder peices for my alts, and plan to get a few more before cataclysm finally releases.