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  • Home » Opinion, Raiding

    Are most Ulduar raid guides lacking?

    Posted on Jun 9, 2009 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    kologarnMy raid group has been doing Ulduar for a few weeks now and we are starting to progress into bosses we haven’t done before. We are reviewing strategies from WoWWiki and Strat Fu, as well as watching the TankSpot videos. But even after all this preparation it seems like there are facets of the encounters that these guides are missing.

    The main example that comes to mind is in the Thorim encounter. Most guides give a good explanation of the fight, and TankSpot as always makes it look easy, but none of the guides seem to mention the reduced casting time that occurs after Thorim’s hammer hits the ground. Casters have their cast times reduced by 75%. To me this is no small detail to overlook. For healers like myself, having your cast time reduced so drastically can be the difference in success or a wipe. So why is it that none of us had expected that to happen?

    Is there a better resource for Ulduar guides that I have been missing, or is everyone overlooking details that may be crucial to these encounters? I realize that people creating guides are generally not making money from them and are doing so only to help the community, but it just seems to me, and others in my raid group, that there are important elements missing from the guides we are finding.

    If anyone knows of a site for quality guides that I may not know about please let me know.



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