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    New World of Warcraft Battleground: The Isle of Conquest

    Posted on Jun 16, 2009 by:
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    isleofconquestAs someone who really enjoys PvP I am pretty excited about the new BG that is coming in patch 3.2 called The Isle of Conquest.  It seems like they are taking the things we enjoy about Wintergrasp, (large scale battle, with siege workshops etc) and turning it into  a battleground. I for one am really looking forward to this. Here are a few of the details from the official WoW site.

    Capturable Locations: Spread throughout the Isle of Conquest are several capturable locations, each granting a unique strategic advantage to your team.
    The Oil Derrick, The Cobalt Mine, The Docks, The Airship Hangar, The Siege Workshop, Graveyards.

    How cool is it that once you capture The Airship Hangar: “Once onboard the airship, players will find it comes equipped with parachutes enabling a strike team to drop into the enemy keep from above.” Awesome!

    Here are the main objectives:

    The Keeps: The Horde and Alliance keeps sit at opposite ends of the island. These citadels host four easily accessible defensive cannons set on the ramparts, capable of unleashing hot fury onto oncoming attackers. Additional explosives sit safely stowed in the base of the keep along the back wall. At least, they’re safe as long as they don’t fall into enemy hands. If they do, though, they can be employed to bring the stone walls down from within.

    The General: Holed up behind the keeps’ massive walls, the generals command their forces from a position of relative safety. Should the keep fall and the general be slain, the Isle of Conquest will fall to the victor.

    Reinforcements: Isle of Conquest uses a reinforcements system similar to that of Alterac Valley. The clock is ticking and every individual counts. If too many of your comrades fall to the enemy the battle will end in defeat. Killing enemy players will reduce their reinforcements by one for each kill, Once your faction’s reinforcements reach their limit, so too does your bid for control of the island and the wealth of resources you’ve fought so hard over.

    This is going to be very cool. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for patch 3.2.



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    • exiledguk

      I just recently re-activated my Warcraft account upon hearing about the new content. I then selected the PVP tab, and lo and behold there was a new BG listed!! Isle of Conquest, well I said to myself “I have GOT to sign up for this”, so I pressed the Join battle tab. and waited..and waited..and waited. “whats this?” I heard myself say “No one playing IoC? Ok, well maybe 8pm in the evening on a weeknight was the wrong time. So I signed up for an AV (Alterac Valley), and to my surprise there was like 15 going on at once. I hadn't seen anything like that since, well, I honestly cant recall. Then it dawned on me, it was back when rank was given out for honor. I was really surprised to see my experience bar moving!! I was playing my lvl 74 mage, and my God, after 3 AV's I dinged 75!! Well no wonder so many were going on at the same time. After feeling quite satisifed at achieving 75, I tried again to get into IOC. This time one was going on, so in I went. I check the raid, it was 7 against 14, hmm, thats odd, thought it was a 40v40. So I began exploring…Then it ended after not going a few hundred yards. Havent seen another going since. So my question is, What is wrong with it? I am quessing no exp, becuase you see AV was dead until the patch. Folks would rather do Dungeons and Heroics then BG's. Just my two cents.

    • WoWphiles WoW Blog

      I think you are right about a lot of people running more heroics than BG's. With the opportunity to get Emblems of Conquest to get those 226 items and tier 8.5 pieces. I can even say for myself I haven't even tried out the new BG because I have been running heroics on my two 80's like crazy.

      It also changes from server to server and battlegroup to battlegroup, but hang in there because once the craziness of running heroics dies down a bit, you'll have your BG's back.