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    Seri sez: So, about that new Tier 9 gear…

    Posted on Jul 9, 2009 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    Am I the only one that has been underwhelmed by the tier sets in this expansion? It kind of makes me long for the days when druids wore shrubberies on their shoulders and antlers on their heads. Granted, as a Rogue I get to wear shoulders with a quick-flick tentacle animation… it’s so cool it *almost* balances out the terribad terrorblade gargoyle-ate-me helm. But I also feel pretty bad for the Priests, who look kind of like Rogues-in-training with their little black bandit masks. It’s like someone’s manager decided in a meeting one day that they were tired of the top half of Priests’ faces being covered by cowls all the time and decided that this time the other half had to be covered and, let’s face it, there are only so many ways to do that, and unless you’re going for a sheer veil sort of thing (which, btw, would be awesome) it’s going to end up looking like a bandit mask. (At least, for clothies anyway… I seem to remember a certain plate set with its bear trap necklace… now that was creative, if abhorrent.)

    Where was I? Oh right, WotLK tier sets. Blizzard is currently previewing the T9 sets, pointing out that for the first time the Alliance and Horde versions will look different! Well, that’s great I suppose. I mean, orange really isn’t all that flattering with my complexion but I doubt I’m going to be showing much skin unless the helm graphic is so terrible I have to turn it off (again).

    What they don’t point out, which I noticed because I have a pretty keen eye for these sorts of things, is that they seem to be using the same model for every piece of cloth T9, recolored for different classes. Examples:

    Alliance Warlock Tier 9Alliance Priest Tier 9Alliance Mage Tier 9

    See what I mean? It’s all the same, just different colors (and slight changes on the bottom of the robe for Warlocks). I’m not even going to go into the phallic shape of the overall outfit, because I’m sure you’re all perfectly capable of going there yourselves.

    I sure would like to know why Blizzard is going in this direction. Is it a time issue? Are they pushing to get content out so quickly that they’re scrimping in the art department? Did they blow their whole budget on the druid forms? Is this just another side-effect of class homogenization? Has it come down to ‘we’re not even going to make one class LOOK cooler than another class, for fear you’ll only take them to raids’?

    All I know is that it really gets my knickers in a twist. I sure hope it’s a one-time thing and not the wave of the future.



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