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    Noob vs. Onyxia

    Posted on Sep 24, 2009 by: Jacob "Modem"
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    Noob vs Onyxia

    So here’s how it goes…

    3.2.2 just dropped and you’re looking for a group to go try out the new Onyxia fight.  Problem is your still in item level 150 blues and greens.

    If you’re asking for my advice here it is… DO NOT MAKE A GROUP PUT UP WITH YOUR LACK OF GEAR!

    I mean even Samurai Mike thinks that’s wack…

    In my opinion it’s considered pretty selfish to think you can join a group and have them drag you through an endgame raid (unless they know they’re doing it), just so you can go from iLevel 150 to 232 in one fell swoop.  There’s plenty of ways for you to get endgame geared really fast nowadays anyway so if you have a blue or green on you… replace it.

    Here’s what you can do…

    – Run heroics… get 226 helm, chest, pants, hands, waist, neck, relic…. 213 cape, boots, rings

    – Run regular ToC and fill in gaps with 200 level epics (and awesome trinkets)… run it multiple times a day.

    – Run heroic ToC for 219 weapons and gear everyday

    – Run the heroic daily every day… in 15 days you can have a piece of 232 tier 9.

    – Run Naxxramas to learn raiding mechanics.. it’s simple and will get you some 200 level epics and lots of badges.

    Not only will doing this help you get gear… it will get you experience and make you a better player.

    Now by no means do I call myself an elitist… I’m simply a realist.  In 10 man raids there’s really no room for slack on dps or tankage or heals… because of the limited numbers you all have to be at the top of your game.

    For all those raid leaders… don’t let these people in… tell them to do their due dilligence, get their gear, then come back to you in a week or two… it shouldn’t take them any longer than that.



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