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    Hail to the Warchief, Baby!

    Posted on Oct 20, 2009 by: Jacob "Modem"
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    Garrosh Hellscream

    So I’ve officially come around, I am switching my support to Garrosh Hellscream for the upcoming cataclysm Horde Warchief elections…

    Wait, who am I kidding? Garrosh needs no election he smashes the competition.

    So why have I come around? What would make me abandon the comfort and diplomatic nature of Thrall, Saurfang, or Bloodhoof. Maybe because I’m sick of the prissy alliance running around in all their righteous glory, and I’m ready to cleave some heads. (With the exception of the gnomes and dwarfs, they can stay.)

    So what say you!?!?! Come support the new warchief!!!

    The Platform’s Agenda…
    – Burn Ashenvale to the Ground… Ha! No more trees for you pansy Night Elves!!!
    – Allegiance with the Dark Iron… Yeah, they’re dwarfs but we need those mole machines to launch an all out assault on Stormwind…
    – Varian Wrynn needs to die, and have his head paraded around on a pike like Onyxia in Orgrimmar!
    – Destroy all currency… who needs gold when you have an axe!
    – Destroy the Undercity… because they’re gross… and Silvermoon… they’re just too prissy!!!
    – The New Horde… Orcs, Tauren, Taunka, Trolls (all of em), Goblins

    Any objections? Didn’t think so.




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