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    Doing the Unthinkable: Warrior Alt

    Posted on Nov 16, 2009 by: Jason Griffith
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    Last week the Twitter WoW crowd got started on talking about legendary weapons, due to the new legendary weapons that are being released in the new patch. The conversation of people’s attempts to get them, or their reaction after successfully getting them, prompted me with a bit of an idea:

    I wonder how it would feel to have a single character that owned all of the legendary weapons…EPIC!

    So I did a little bit of thinking, asked a few questions there on Twitter, and did a bit of research via wowhead. Some of the legendary weapons can only be used in certain places or only last for a short amount of time once you leave the instance, so I took those items off of the list and just ignored them as I’m not about to put any effort into going for something that I can’t do anything with or that will disappear on me after I leave an instance.

    There were two weapons still on the list that were specifically restricted to certain classes being able to use them, so I knew that in order to have a single character to wield all of the ones that would stick with me I had to choose between two classes: Warrior and Rogue. One of the other weapons though happened to be a staff, which immediately rules out the Rogue and left me with only one option, the Warrior.

    So, as a sort of long-term side project, I intend to level up a Warrior when I have nothing else to do or feel like wasting some time in hopes of one day wielding all of the legendary weapons on the one character. My plan is to go ahead and level him up in the Prot tree, and have already done my preliminary research required to level the class with at least some idea of what I’m doing and what to expect.

    Step 1: Character Creation
    I already knew that he was going to be Alliance since that is my main server right now, so that cut half of the races out of the running. Out of all the races only one of them can’t be a Warrior though, and that’s the Horde’s Blood Elf, so that still left me with five options.

    I took those and whittled it down a bit as follows: Screw gnomes, not a chance. Forget the Night Elves, a Warrior shouldn’t have to hide in the dark. Dwarf…not my thing. And that left me with Humans and Draenei.

    Now, in the long run it doesn’t really matter what race you pick. Human Diplomacy goes a long way overall, but I have quite a few humans already. The Spacegoat doesn’t offer a whole lot, but that racial heal will certainly help a guy who likes to solo and is playing a tank that this time around is otherwise unable to heal himself.

    So in the end, Spacegoat won the battle.

    I needed a name, but didn’t feel particularly creative, so I stole my Horde Paladin’s name (Lexington) and modified it a bit – Lexzus.

    Step 2: Pseudo-Twinking
    If there’s one thing I hate about starting a new toon, it’s being broke and bagless. So after I created him I ran to the nearest town and parked myself in the inn so that I would be near the mailbox. I then logged over to my bank alt to throw some gold and some bags my way and did a quick scan for low level gear on the auction house. Nothing there really caught my eye except for a Copper Axe that any low level blacksmith can make which was being sold for 2 silver. It was white (common quality), it was cheap, and it only had a level 4 requirement.

    I sent the axe over to my Mage, and the rest I sent to the Warrior. I had the Mage put a Fiery Weapon enchant on the axe and then sent it to the Warrior as well. A lot of people will say that the enchant is a waste on such a low level weapon, but first off I really don’t care since I can farm or buy the mats for it at any time, and second I made sure it was a white item so that I can pass it on to any low level toon that I roll in the future to help them level as well.

    Since I’m new to the server and my highest toon here is only 71, there’s no option to send over BoA items, and I’m not about to spend the cash needed to both server transfer and faction transfer an 80 to the server. I’ll stick with my twinked out white items, thanks.

    I also had a few green items that didn’t sell in the AH from a run through Deadmines, so I sent those over as well though he can’t use them until level 15 or so.

    Step 3: Training
    I logged back over to the Warrior, picked up his goods and then ran him into Exodar. There I found out that the space goats don’t start with axe proficiency, and the only place I can learn it is Ironforge. And in case you haven’t rolled a goat, that’s a bunch of traveling just to use a stinking weapon! But, since I knew I would have to have all of my weapons trained up anyway I went ahead and traveled to all of the major cities and got him trained in every weapon he can. In case I haven’t mentioned it already, Warriors can train every weapon except for wands (and relics), so I got all weapons opened up to me except for Polearms which requires a minimum of level 20.

    The Draenei racial heal is great, but since I plan on soloing a lot of stuff I want another heal available to me, and that came in the form of the Herbalism profession which was next on my list. And since Inscription wouldn’t do anything for me in particular until way later in the game, I decided to tag Alchemy along with that so that I would have a strong supply of potions to help with the soloing as well. However, crafting professions require level 5 to learn them, so he doesn’t have it yet.

    I then grabbed all of the secondary skills: Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking so that I have the option of adding them in as well. I’m not a fan of fishing, so it will probably go nowhere. FA will get raised to at least Runecloth, and Cooking we’ll just have to see where I give up on it with this toon.

    I plan on leveling this guy as Prot and soloing as much content with him as I can. The lack of healing abilities and crowd control will make some things harder to do than I experienced on my Paladin, but we’ll see where I can take him.

    The Warrior class still does not thrill me much at all, and it did get boring already even at level 4, so you can expect this guy to be leveled up slowly unless something happens to drastically change that. I don’t see it happening, but you never know.

    I will blog about his leveling experience as it happens, as I do with any other class that I pick up.


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    • Evinrue

      I just made a warrior alt myself, but I went with my main server so plenty of BoAs to go around. Good luck with your meatshield! I look forward to more posts

    • Evinrue

      I just made a warrior alt myself, but I went with my main server so plenty of BoAs to go around. Good luck with your meatshield! I look forward to more posts