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    Cataclysm Suggestion: How To Make Fishing More Interesting

    Posted on Jun 7, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    This post comes to us courtesy of our listener Kurg from the Kargath server. He has some ideas on how to make fishing more interesting.

    I have noticed a big question lately has been: how can blizzard make fishing more interesting? One suggestion might be to make fishing more in depth like a crafting profession. For example, fishing lures could be created by recipes. A player could make certain lures with recipes and those lures will have an effect on their fishing such as: an increased chance at catching a certain type of fish or an increased quantity of that type of fish, catch special fish that give you abilities such as: water breathing, faster swimming, water walking, etc.

    There could also be epic lure recipes that can drop from dungeon and/or raid bosses. The epic fishing recipes could do things like give you the ability to fish faster, fish with greater accuracy, fish up artifacts associated with archeology, or other items that are vendor trash but sell for a lot gold so that fishing can be a viable way of making gold other then putting fish on the Auction House.

    Some lures could be shallow lures that will fish up certain fish and items, and other lures could be deep running lures. With this idea fishing will be more in depth and a potential way to spend time advancing your character with archeology or some other trade skill tie in, as well as catching larger quantities, fishing faster, and making gold.

    As far as the fishing mechanic Blizzard could give more control over the cast. Blizzard could allow you to control the strength and accuracy of the cast. Perhaps when you begin to cast, a small slider bar pops up with moving markers; one marker moves up and down the slide scale, and one left to right, each controlling the strength and accuracy of the cast. The closer you get these marks to land in a small identified range the more accurate your cast is and the better your catch is. The Epic lures could affect this mechanic also and could slow it down to give you a better chance to get the mark to stop where you want, or make the margin for error a little bigger to obtain the perfect cast.

    With the addition of more water in certain zones in Cataclysm, more water mounts could be introduced. Players would also be able to fish from the backs of these water mounts. Fish pools may spawn only in areas accessible to people with water mounts.

    It’s possible that some or all of these ideas will either make or break fishing for people. If the process made less people fish, fishing becomes more valuable seeing as the fished up items that could be sold on the Auction House would be rare and most expensive. The downside to less people fishing is that Blizzard would probably not like this–seeing as how they like to get as many people involved in as many facets of the game as they can–and would want to find a way to get more people involved..

    Fishing does however, need some sort of makeover to help make it a more rich and rewarding experience. In it’s current state it still feels to much of a grind without enough fun and variety to make it worthwhile.



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    • Stormcrack

      How about some upgrades in fishing technology such as: Nets, small boats, crap/lobster traps etc… With all the gnomes in Azeroth none have figured out a more efficient way of getting fish?

    • Stormcrack

      How about some upgrades in fishing technology such as: Nets, small boats, crap/lobster traps etc… With all the gnomes in Azeroth none have figured out a more efficient way of getting fish?

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