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  • Home » Cataclysm, Races

    Are Female Worgen Really Too Ugly?

    Posted on Sep 20, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    New Female Worgen model

    I’m seeing a lot of complaints in the World of Warcraft Community about the look of the Worgen Female model. I’ll admit that I was part of the crowd that thought the first look we got of the female Worgen was too soft. Now that we are seeing an updated model a whole new crowd is fired up about how angry and “ugly” the new model looks.

    In the image for this post I put the face of the new model on the left and the old on the right for comparison.

    Here are some quotes from players:

    “The face is beyond ridiculous.”
    “Then I saw the new female forms. And… Wow. This is terrible.”
    “That makes me think of the Hyenas from the Lion King… ”
    “I am also for the old models, the new ones just don’t cut it for me.”

    Players may not prefer the look of the new model to the old one, but if you think about it, a Worgen should be an angry, nasty, snarling creature. The old model looked to me like she would be more likely to be standing in the woods holding a tray of cupcakes singing the theme to all your favorite Disney movies.

    While the new form looks like when she transforms from Human to Worgen form, you had better run because she will claw your face off.

    I think if you really want to play a “pretty” race, play an elf. But if you want to play a race that will change from human to beast, and in doing so, will go from friendly to scary, then play a Worgen. In my opinion the new model fits the race much better and just makes more sense.



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    • Anon

      I actually like them.

    • Jason Zimmerman

      Cool, there’s one positive reaction to the new form. I’m with you there.

    • Thesis2222

      No, they are way better. If you want to play a pretty little human, then you already know what race to roll as. I’m sick of them throwing big ole titties at a model, making them look like schoolgirls, and expectign me to beleive they’re tough as a scarred Orc. As a girl, WTB tougher female toons.

    • Arrowtipz

      I agree with the qoute, “That makes me think of the Hyenas from Lion King…”

    • Icesnake

      If anyone thinks female Worgen are ugly, they should take a look at Jan Brewer.

    • Werewolf

      My biggest complaint about the new model is the forehead is too big, if they fixed that and maybe adjusted the eyes a bit it would look better imo.

    • Demi

      I actually really like the new model way better!

    • Arachnophile_grrl

      The original was too cat-like, agreed but the demonic chihuahua I see before me is an abomination unto NUGGIN!

      What is their obsession with the perma-snarl? Come on, if you can’t make something look scary without them having rage-face All The Time.

    • Arachnophile_grrl

      I don’t want cutsie – trust me. However I don’t want a toon that looks like a were-chihuahua who has just seen something terrifying. 😀 If they fix the forehead it will be a good start.

    • Ericking39

      Heh.. I don’t like either of the models, and how could I? They’re both considerably ugly in my eyes, and the male worgen look ridiculously amazing in comparison to both of those models. I’m not one to usually go for the male character looks; however, this is an exception for me. It’s a rarity when a male side of the many races looks like it should, and so I’m sure the majority of players will side with the male worgen. They have a ferocity that is unmatched while looking normal, while the female models look unusual when they are given this ferocity for some reason.Perhaps they might change the strange look, but like I care at this point.

    • Dragon

      I like the new model female worgens.. Cute doesn’t do it for me when it comes to playing a werewolf… I want her to be vicious, ferocious… I want her where in her presence others are nervous as if she might at any second rip their heads off. Not “aw I want to cuddle you, you are so cute”. I am glad they changed her from the first model… I didn’t like it. The first model wouldn’t have scared nobody.

    • MicrosoftSarah

      The anatomy of the new model looks off to me. The new model’s head looks like a chihuahua head, while the old one looked definitely like a wolf. They’re humanized wolf beasties, so they should look like wolves and be like wolves. Wolves are cunning and savage at the same time, so why can’t the female look that way? They can be savage and not look totally nuts. The permanent snarl is a bit unrealistic. I say the old model was better. But, hey, it’s about time the Alliance had an ugly female, right?

    • Ava

      The old model looks like like a sly female creature that’s fierce and potentially intelligent.
      The new one looks like she’s spazzing because someone just pulled out a bag of Beggin’ Strips.
      Let’s not be so 1 dimensional.

    • Lyirah

      Holy shit. I WANT be play a worgen. Saying U DUN LIKE U DUN PLAY is just about the most retarded thing I have ever heard a person say. How would you feel if we screwed your model and told you the same? Probably justifiably pissed. GIVE US OPTIONS. It’s not difficult. You’re not effected, and we get what we want. Win. Win. Situation.

    • Dterrrrrry

      Sorry… it’s stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Only the furfags who want nothing more than to whip it out and beat it to the worgens would complain that they aren’t “cute” enough. Get your hand off your dick and back on that keyboard, kiddies.

    • Tyrael

      Personally.. I think people being vocal about the matter lets blizzard know they need to change it. There’s no doubt in my mind that a change is in the works.

    • Ryo

      The eyes of the new model are whats throwing it off… they made it look to… “animu” I mean honestly, huge freakin’ eyelashes and glinting eyes? NO… just no. They need to mash up the snout shape and eyes of the old model with the new model’s hair, ears, and snarl.

    • Ryo

      another thing, they made the male worgens so much better. they’re animalistic like they should be without much human appearance to them (aside from being bipedal) but the females… its like blizz was pandering to some demographic of people, i can’t decide who yet, who wanted some fluffy anime-looking thing to RP as aside from elves. I’m a chick…and I rolled a male worgen. I just don’t like the fems.

    • Jacob

      why cant wow use em both? that would make everybody happy.

    • Jacob

      you non-furry. lol

    • anonymuss

      I prefer the new model, and the silent majority probably do too.Though probably silent from too much fapping…

    • Anonymous

      The new model is better, but it is still ugly in my opinion. It looks like a furfags wet dream. I want them to be hunched just like the males. All the female races stand straight and tall no matter how much the race deviates from humans, and yet the males only get more hunched and uglier. It is stupid. I also, hate that it has breasts, it looks demented.

    • Anonymouspd

      I agree, worgens were MADE to be a ferocious race. Therefore I’m very glad they changed the old model, I am race changing my night elf druid today to a worgen because of how cool they look. If they had kept the old model, it wouldn’t have really fit, if you were in female human form and looked all innocent, then changed into the old form, it would just be like changing into a worgen for the sake of it. The new form is great because yes, the point of worgens is turning from a normal human into a scary beast. In my opinion the worgen female form is not only scary but also they are still very cute. 

    • No

      Awesome…. some more hate in the world…. Good on ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Try to stick to the topic instead of rambling on a hateful  tangent like a loser!

    • Nick

      Yeah, it’s not scary in any way whatsoever. Demented, yes, potentially humorous, yes, but I wouldn’t be terrified if I saw that. The males are scary as fuck, the females are weak.

    • anon

      I have no problems with people being into furries, but I don’t think they are attractive.  The female worgen, IMO, look like your stereotypical furry, where the male worgen look badass.

    • Mrlehey

      Yeah, its mmorg – you role play, if you dont like the race dont play it. stop moaning and to the haters who dont know about the mmorg genre – Tetris looks nice 😉 Dont play wow if you dont know mmorg, you guys are actually destoying the community 😉

    • Mrlehey

      lol – it is really easy! dont like the race? DONT PLAY THE RACE.  Dont like the game? DONT PLAY THE GAME. The RPG controls your game, if we let 12 year old kiddies control the game we would have panda’s and pokemon… /facepalm lol …. hold on ….

    • Nichole

      I think what we need as a model with more slyness. Rather than a snarling rage-monster OR a cutesy pup, we need a she-wolf. Something with power and grace, and some clever badass mixed in. Perhaps a longer nose than the new model, and a cruel smile rather than the snarl. They can still be terrifying and much more appealing to a woman. I want to see the same powerful look the males have. This one looks like she’s contracted rabies.

    • Anonymous

      I also have a few complaints of the current female Worgen model. But, I also have a tadbit complaints about the old model. The snout is a bit too short, and the nose could be bigger. The ears could also be more rounded and short. The neck could also be a little thicker. These are just minor details, but I would be very thankful if Blizzard could change the female Worgen model.

    • Carmadarla

      The new worgen females aren’t ugly if you know how to design the character. But on the other hand the eye shape and size is an issue that needs to be fixed. They are just to big and they look like a chihuahua’s.

    • Kalie

      I think worgen should, well the males have scruffy manes so they look more wilder then they are now. Like when they first created worgen on Blizz. The hair on the female worgen now is getting kinda boreing now.

    • Dan

      What about if my gf wants to play a worgen too and she hates the models cause she thinks its ugly? Just force her to deal with it or play a “prettier” race? Furfag or not, the female worgen is not only not pretty, its straight out ugly. Its not fierce or scary, just looks like a disney hyena with rabies.
      A LOT of females play WoW, as far as I experience 1/4 of people I play with are female.
      And yeah, I’m aware that I’m replying to a 3 year old comment, but that said.. I can’t wait for the new models that’ll come out.

    • Andrea

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Anonymous

      The live model is neither cute, ferocious, pretty, sexy, or realistic. It’s a dumb piece of trash and Blizz needs to start from scratch.