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    How To: Run a GDKP Loot System

    Posted on Sep 3, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    How to run a gdkp raid

    Thanks to Malekai for the original email for this post.

    GDKP, which stands for Gold DKP, is a loot system in which players bid gold on items that drop in a raid rather than rolling on it. The item then goes to the highest bidder and all the money that was bid goes to the raid leader and stays in the virtual pot. At the end of the raid the pot is split amongst the raiders.

    These tips are based on experience with GDKP from the server Dark Iron [US] Horde side. GDKPs are generally run by guild that have raid content on farm status and can be a great option for those that have a little extra gold, or would like to make some gold.

    How To Run A Successful GDKP Raid:

  • The host guild of the raid should first put up a post in the official realm forums and clearly state the rules and spots needed for the raid.
  • Since people are running this raid to buy items, you want to take down as many bosses as possible in order to maximize the amount of money in the pot and give people a chance to bid on as many items as possible. Therefore the host should require that everyone know the fights, even if having only watched the videos on TankSpot.
  • In addition to knowledge of fights, the players joining the raid need to be sufficiently geared. Like all raids, you want everyone to be able to contribute. The difference with GDKP is that people have more at stake should the raid not be able to kill bosses. For an Icecrown Citadel Raid, a Gear Score starting at 4800 is an average place to start.
  • Since you want people in the raid who are there to bid on items and not simply pick up gold at the end of the raid, raid leaders can require that each player have at least 3000 gold on them to get in. The Raid Leader will open a trade window and have players show them you have enough gold to qualify.
  • There are no replacements in a GDKP Raid, unless someone drops before a boss is down. If someone drops from the raid they lose out and the pot gets split between those remaining in the group.
  • As an option at the end of the raid, the Raid Leader cane take a 5% cut off the top of the pot for putting the raid together and hosting the event. This is their incentive for getting a good group together and pushing as far as possible. This should be mentioned before starting the raid so everyone is aware of it.
  • Once the raid is formed the rules need to be clearly stated up front in the raid chat, NOT just over vent. This way it is written out for everyone to see. This is a must because if the raid leader (or person collecting gold) tries to skip out with the gold, the GMs will intervene; but ONLY if everything was stated in raid chat.

    This includes minimum bids, raid leader cut, payout dividends, what is to be done with BOE items and Primordials (if it’s a 25 man and generally 25 man is the preferred format for GDKP), and shadowfrost shards. Generally everything is just auctioned off.

    There are GDKP add-ons that will automate much of this and keep track of the gold accumulated and who the highest bidder is.

    GDKP in Action:

    Once you down a boss the loot master opens bidding at whatever the preset price is, for us it was generally 500-1000 gold (some more popular items start at 2000). People bid in whatever increment they want until no one bids for 5 seconds and the raid auctioneer declares the bidding over and then they exchange the gold for the item.

    Generally the groups push on as far into the raid instance as they can. A well put together GDKP run should now be able to do at least 10/12 bosses in Icecrown Citadel with the 30% buff.

    The amount of gold bid on items can be quite high. Bidding on some items can go as high as 23,000 gold and there have been reports of items going up to 70,000 gold. (Usually the hosts of the GDKP always post the previous weeks results in the realm forums.)

    An average GDKP run on this server grosses around 200,000 gold for anywhere from 8 to 11 out of the of 12 bosses in 25 man ICC, which generally ends being around 7500 gold per person.

    Some of the benefits of GDKP

  • If you really want an item but always seem to get beat when rolling, or you aren’t on top of the list in your guild (using a look system such as Suicide Kings) you can essentially buy the item if it drops.
  • If you bid but don’t win anything you still make a few thousand gold for your time raiding.
  • The group is probably going to be a quality group, so there’s a good chance it will clear more more bosses than a regular PUG and be more of a fun raiding experience.
  • Some of the Cons of GDKP:

  • If someone has a tremendous amount of gold, you still may not get the item you want.
  • The run is done all in one night, which can be a longer night of raiding than some are used to.
  • There is potential for a headache if someone is a scammer who is trying to steal gold (though if someone has a reputation for running GDKP raids, chances are very slim you have to be concerned.)
  • A true PUG as a whole will not go this route because you need to have a group that is going to push through a lot of content. There are often people in PUGs who want to reserve something (in my opinion this is worse than a GDKP run). GDKPs are generally only going to be conducted by the best guilds on the server.

    For anyone who’s playtime is limited and sporadic, or is in a smaller guild that hasn’t been able to successfully raid, GDKP can be a great way to go. GDKP runs give you a solid chance to get the gear you want, with a much slimmer chance of dealing with a fail PUG.

    It is common to be skeptical when you first hear about GDKP but by following the proper guidelines it can be a successful loot format for everyone involved.



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