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    Fury Warrior 4.0.1 Guide – Unleash the Meat Cleaver

    Posted on Oct 18, 2010 by: Jacob "Modem"
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    Fury Warrior 4.0.1 Spec Talents Glyphs rotations

    [View This Fury Warrior Talent Build]


    With the inception of patch 4.0.1, I have come to love the fury warrior.¬† The rotation is more complex, and one can unleash some very solid DPS without being armor pen capped (since it no longer exists).¬† A few things of note right away… you will have a different rotation for single target and multi-target (e.g. trash).

    The way things are working right now, the highest single target dps rotation is as follows.

    Bloodthirst – Heroic Strike – Raging Blow (whenever it’s up)¬† – until the hot fix actually goes into effect we are ignoring Slam all together when Blood Surge procs (this will be fixed soon to make it cost no rage… which we will then likely reincorporate it back into our rotation).

    In addition to the normal rotation, we want to hit Battle Shout on CD to generate rage.  Additionally, we want to use Berserker Rage often so we can use Raging Blow as much as possible since it is only accessible while enraged.

    For multiple target we want to mash Whirlwind and Cleave, as this stacks our appropriately named buff “Meat Cleaver” which enhances those attacks damage by 30% at 3 stacks.¬† This makes the fury warrior one of the best aoe melee classes this build.¬† If you’re not having rage issues then you can mix in Raging Blow and Bloodthirst when Whirlwind and Cleave are on CD.


    I’ll highlight a few points for gearing I have found to be very successful in increasing my own dps.

    • Reforge to hit – Due to rage normalization our hard hit cap is now 27% not the standard 8% it used to be for melee.¬† This means the more you hit the more dps and the more rage.¬† I’m currently at 22% hit and have seen my dps go up substantially and my rage issues decrease dramatically.¬† So far this seems like a good idea.
    • Gems – Red Socket – Bold Cardinal Ruby (20 str) / Yellow Socket – Inscribed Ametrine (10 str / 10 crit) / Blue Socket – Etched Dreadstone (10 str / 10 hit)
    • Make sure you have all plate equipped and no agility gear.¬† Due to agility gear not having attack power it is essentially worthless to us now with the exception of some crit gained, and with our plate specialization it increases our stats when we have all plate equipped.


    • The talent build above is essentially standard for dps now.¬† There are 3 flexible points that you can distribute into the fury tree, which I placed 2 points into Blood Craze and 1 into Piercing Howl.
    • You could distribute these anywhere you like as they might have situational use for you.¬† I personally like Piercing Howl as a raider for fights like Saurfang in which I can help the Kiters by quickly applying a slow.¬† Blood Craze helps the healers out some.
    • Heroic Fury – which removes immobilizations and refreshes the CD of Intercept might be useful.
    • Furious Attacks – if you’re inclined to do a little pvp might prove beneficial.
    • Skirmisher – Also if you’re inclined to pvp will help you fly across the BG with ease.

    Obviously not all of this is set in stone, but it has been what has been working for me in dungeons as currently I’m pulling 6-7k dps single target in Heroic 5 Mans with 3 pieces of 232 pvp gear, a worthless 232 agility weapon in my offhand, and a bunch of ungemmed and unenchanted gear due to my being broke.¬† As I fill out these slots I suspect my DPS will only go up.



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    • Peccavi

      Thanks allot, after the patch I found myself in IF with allot of other fury warriors trying to figure out some simple rotation, with no luck for days. I’ll change all my specs and glyphs with to hopes of doing major dps, thanks again.

    • Bluedisgrace

      im not particularly happy with ur talent dumps, the 3 free points go for skirmisher and heroic fury are also great in pve. These talents keep u maxing dps time, time being one of the variables of its calculation i do believe that makes these talents very good. Also the rotation is a little more complex than that condensed description. I.E. raging blow over heroic strike, and u will open with deathwish so it is available. prioritising it over heroic strike = more RBs. bloodthirst > raging blow > bloodthirst > heroic strike. U will find room for ur bloodsurges as well, so dont just discount them. Ur burst on single target heroic 5mans are not a good example of dps. 6minutes on heroic dummy thats ur test. 20 second fight 2 crits in a row = 7k dps

    • Rozbi300

      dk frost

      /castsequence reset=combat/5 Icy Touch, PLague Strike, Blood Strike, Howling blast, Horn of winter, Festering Strike, PLague Strike, PLague Strike, Frost strike, death coil, Obliterate, Frost strike, Blood Strike, death coil

    • Dpohlman

      I like this guide a lot except, herioc fury is wanted, its nice if you need intercept quickly or if you are stuck to the ground. Also the bloodsurge is useless, slam is too weak and waste of rage. Die by the sword is nice, I read in forums why people like it and i agree, we pull threat off of tank too much and so this keeps us alive enough for the healer to heal us (usually we can finish off the target before it does too much though). Finally Battle trance seems kinda a waste to me, 15% isnt that great of a deal and the fact its just for Blood thirst only, maybe if it was for raging blow and herioc strike as well then yes it would be great, but for just the one attack and low percentage its not worth the points, and having skirmisher is kinda nice, its not just BG its a great way to start a fight in PvE.

    • Bluedisgrace

      firstly, if u play endgame raiding with a top guild u are WASTING points with survivability points. having the parry proc is a major “what if” and it should never happen within an organised raid. the slam proc is not useless, especially with the coming buff. There are plenty of times around 8-10 gcds into a rotation where a slam becomes viable. this will compute to around 3-5% of your dps. parry proc 0% dps… bloodsurge 5%. Be logically not hypothetical.

    • Rozbi300

      Macro Dps Fury

      /cast Berserker Rage
      /cast Heroic Strike
      /cast Ranging Blow
      /cast Bloodthirst
      /cast Heroic Strike

    • Spcowen1812

      When you say reforge to hit, what stat are you replacing-crit or haste? Other than that, great guide! Thanks.

    • Anti Troll

      Another snapperhead making himself sound knowledgable by reciting things he read, and justifying himself by making such self serving comments as “if u play endgame raiding with a top guild..”. If you were confident in your assumptions you wouldn’t need to back yourself up with such dribble. Get off the OPs case and write your own guide if your such a shot and stop trying to make a name for yourself by attacking other peoples efforts.

    • badmodem

      I was replacing crit with hit since I was having rage issues, since haste effects swing speed and ultimately contributes more rage than crit at the moment. I could be wrong, so if anyone else knows better please contribute.

    • Dansemogens

      I am wilding Shadowmourne. and guess what. i also had problems at first, But.

      The stats are right here:
      minimum 33.3%crit to keep your Flurry going all the time.
      after that we have strength then haste then crit again. forget the mastery points for now. u will be plenty enraged for your ragging blow.

      Macro a few keys.
      /cast Bloodthirst
      /cast Heroicstrike. most importent thing. Heroic strike will do more dmg then ragging blow and u vill have plenty time to use it after this macro since u have 3sek between klicks.
      in thowes 3 seks u will either use Slam prog or ragging blow proc. depending on whats up.

      for Aoe make a Macro with:
      /cast ww
      /cast cleave
      /cast Bt.
      that should do plenty on the field. ww will trigger evry 3 time u press botten.

      thats It enjoy :)

    • Antzinpantz

      Well all i can say i do not use slam in my rotation at all just heroic strike> bloodthirst >raging blow /execute spam on 20% and im pulln 15k dps on all bosses in icc bout 10k in 5 mans as bosses die to quick easiest rotaion and im sure ill implement slam proc into rotaion once it gets buff

      Phinkydo Chromaggus

    • Ted Fryar

      crit is more useful than haste so i would say reforge excess expertise>haste>crit i have been reforging my gear and now have very little haste but with flurry and executioner haste is hardly needed. and if you’re hit capped haste is even less needed as with more attacks hitting you don’t need to attack faster to get the same amount of rage.

    • Fc2swftn4life

      “firstly, if u play endgame raiding with a top guild u are WASTING points with survivability points…. Be logically not hypothetical ” logically speaking 95% of the raiding community isnt in a top end game guild thus the likliness of needed taht talent increases… . Be logically not hypothetical

    • Fc2swftn4life

      “firstly, if u play endgame raiding with a top guild u are WASTING points with survivability points…. Be logically not hypothetical ” logically speaking 95% of the raiding community isnt in a top end game guild thus the likliness of needed taht talent increases… . Be logically not hypothetical

    • Naus

      Even if you arent in a Top end raiding guild, most guilds are progressional. You are still wasting your points in survivability if you are going into a raid. It is the tanks/healers jobs to keep you from dieing, and yes I have both a tank and a healer.

    • Holmer

      But I agree with Bluedisgrace, spend 2 talent points in Blood Craze is useless for DPS, DPS shall not take damage. Everyone can comment. he did a constructive criticism.

    • Virtue

      Dps will take damage in quite a few fights, meaning it will be useful and a little help for the healers. Also as someone else said fury warriors will over aggro most tanks so we will take some damage.

    • Meatshield

      Actually with Cata raids having a substantial amount of raid damage, its going to be the dps’s job to have survivability talents as well to help out healers when and where ever possible. Stop being stuck in the wrath mentality and look towards the way things will be with the new raids.

    • Bicepts

      do u just spam click this? or what?

    • IplayWoWlawlz

      What should I switch to hit? I have a lot of mastery,crit, and haste

    • Dj_Jake

      I spam Commaning shot-BT-HS-BT-HS-RB n repeat once i build up max rage ill bust Inner Rage n continue spamming—- n for AOE ill WW-Cleave-Cleave-WW-Cleave n bust my inner rage n BT-HS-WW-CLEAVE i average 9k dps in Heriocs CATA*

    • Realms87

      ur an idiot slam is great to have cause bt will make it an instant no charge hit

    • pissed off cow

      well…I used the guide..waste of gold and time…I had like twice as good dps in arms specc…
      yes i hit harder, but since you hardly get any rage in this specc..90% of the time you just auto hit your target hoping to get to do something before the battle ends

    • Mr.SirHackney

      1st off, terrible spec. You need Deep Wounds, you do not need Blood Craze, I’d say get Immobolized Fury(Removes movement impairing effects.. Like in Vortex Pinn, last boss, he traps you. Still good in raids.)

    • Killerwarrio

      My way is Charge, Victory Rush, then spam Cleave, Heroic Strike, Slam and Bloodthirst. Works for me. But good tut.

    • Drucker348

      Your a dumbass, all wrong.

    • Richard Tietjens

      Thank you for your insightful comment, Drucker. I’d like you to detail what was wrong about Modem’s post, which is two years old now, and what you would do differently. It seems to me that posting a useless, uninformative flame is unlikely to provide much that’s positive to the WoW community, and it¬†certainly¬†won’t gain the poster any respect from anyone over the age of about eight years. So, while you’re¬†certainly¬†entitled to your opinion, if you won’t explain why you feel that way, no one is likely to¬†think¬†you know what you’re talking about.,