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    Protection Paladin Spec (Updated for Cataclysm)

    Posted on Oct 23, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    For the Prot Paladin there are a couple things to keep in mind. Some of our new talents like Judgements of the Just and Reckoning are better suited for single-target tanking.

    While Hallowed Ground is a talent that a tank who will be doing more AoE tanking should have.

    Also there are Major Glyphs that you can swap back and forth between trash and bosses such as:
    Glyph of Focused Shield
    Glyph of Dazing Shield


    Protection Paladin Spec Glyphs 4.0.1

    As you can see in my build, I included:
    Guarded by the Light Because I want to play around with it for a bit and see how I like the ability to shield myself and provide more damage mitigation.

    At the moment I put my non-Prot talent points in:
    Crusade for the increased threat from the extra damage.

    At level 85 it might be worth it to add:
    Judgements of the Pure for increased threat generation also.


    Glyphs in patch 4.0.1 offer some flexibility for various situations depending on the fight you are in or what your current needs are.

    Protection Paladin Spec Glyphs 4.0.1

    Prime Glyphs

    You can swap Crusader Strike for Hammer of the Righteous in AoE situations.

    Major Glyphs:
    Major Glyphs have some wiggle room for situations and you may find yourself swapping some of these glyphs out also.

    I’ve gone back and removed Ascetic Crusader because mana has been a non-issue so far.

    Some of the other situational major glyphs that I like are:

    Glyph of Dazing Shield to daze and slow mobs again.

    Glyph of Salvation for situations where you need to stop threat completely on a member of your raid or party.

    Glyph of Divine Protection is one that I can potentially see being mandatory to swap in for a boss or two in Cataclysm.

    Minor Glyphs:

    Minor Glyphs aren’t very interesting and you are free to pick whatever you like.

    In Conclusion:

    I definitely see some flexibility at level 80 for players to specialize in AoE or Single-target tanking. Your talent choices and glyphs will be able to be customized to your specific role.

    Overall, while there will be serious theorycrafters who will be crunching the numbers all of the ideal choices to completely maximize your abilities, I don’t see a lot of areas where you can createa failed spec and regardless of your choices you should be able to be an effective tank based on your play style.

    Cataclysm Update!

    I’ve got an updated Protection Paladin Spec for Cataclysm.

    For Cataclysm you want to make sure you have the following talents:
    Eternal Glory
    Guarded By The Light

    These talents, along with using Word of Glory liberally, will greatly increase your survivability now at the start of Cataclysm and help take some pressure off of healers and their limited mana pools.

    Another tip for Cataclysm dungeons and Heroics is don’t be afraid to also use Holy Radiance. With the current state of players being undergeared at the beginning of an expansion it is important to do everything you can to stay alive. Holy Radiance is a huge help.



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    • Notweg

      nice. i’ll try it out

    • Freeform

      what do u suggest to the reforge

    • Anderslyn

      As u say yourselfs we have the option to chose between single or aoe tanking.. i think that Crusader Strike is for singletarget and hammer of the righteous is for aoe.. but i cant confirm it

    • Microsser

      Thx, but i kinda need a word on rotaion, since i have a hard time figuring out what does what now. Any advice?

    • Parker111

      if you have Focused shield Glyph in, and 2 points in Grand crusader, for single target is,
      CS, Judge, CS, AS, CS, Shield of the Right, CS, Judge, CS, and if refreshed AS if not then HW.

      IF AOE replace CS with Hammer and AS, with HW unless you haven’t got the Glyph in then put in some AS

    • guest

      Uh why would you waste 1 point in imp hammer of justice?

    • Jason

      At the time I was thinking it would be useful for the LK fight to help out stunning Valks. I’m looking into an updated spec at the moment.

    • wsherrod

      my only question is why reckoning?? seeing as how it adds an extra attack but because its not possible to get a bosses perry chance to 0. and when a boss perrys it resets his attacks it seems to me ur setting urself up to take extra dmg. makin ur heals life harder. how bout 2 outta reckoning and into hallowed ground. and as far as HoJ there is no need use seal of justice and it slows targets lol. that could go into an eye for an eye and help out a lot more. just a few thoughts. other than that it seems pretty solid. =)

    • Griffin0827

      I am new to WOW and am enjoying it very much so, I wanted to thank you for posting this as it is very helpful. I had some friends trying to help me spec my tank pallie and I was having issues pulling and inflicting damage, with this spec I have no problems at all and things are moving smoothly. Thanx :)

    • Charlesbryan

      my only question is this?what does payys have in boss fights to stop/block spells?

    • noobieman

      yes…hammer of the righteous is specifically for aoe damage..since crusader strike does more damage to single target, and can not hit multiple targets. Use hammer of the righteous as a starting point for mobs…but for a single enemy use crusader strike.