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Resto Shaman Spec for Patch 4.0.1

Posted on Oct 12, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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I’m continuing my series of class spec guides, following my Protection Paladin and Arcane Mage posts, with the Restoration Shaman. Resto Shaman was my first main in World of Warcraft so I decided to give them back some love.

My colleague and Podcast Co-Host Modem might disagree with some of my selections here–especially since he has been playing a Resto Shaman full time–but this is the build that I would personally go with. There is definitely some room for flexibility in the Resto Shaman spec allowing you to focus on some utility type talents that you might prefer.

Below is my Shaman Restoration 4.0.1 Spec

Restoration Shaman spec and glyphs 4.0.1

Restoration Tree:
I’m going to highlight some of the talents that I believe are open to personal selection and debate.

Ancestral Resolve – I selected it, but I’m not convinced this is worth the talent points in PvE

Focused Insight – This talent is an interesting one. The potential of lowering mana costs of healing spells by casting a shock spell intrigues me.

Soothing Rains – I wanted to take this talent but opted not to. However, there may a lot of benefit from the extra passive healing of Healing Stream Totem or the healing from Healing Rain.

Cleansing Waters – An interesting utility type talent. Not sure yet of its neccessity.

Telluric Currents – I just don’t know how reasonable it is to cast a lightning bolt when you are healing in dungeons or raids in Cataclysm. Take it for easy-mode Wrath heroics.

Talents which I avoid:

Totemic Focus – This may be situational, but has always felt like a waste of talent points.

Nature’s Guardian – Over the years this talent never proved to me that it was worth spending the points in for PvE.

Elemental & Enhancement Trees:
Acuity – I opted to put two points in this now because Healing Crit is dropping by roughly 4-5%. This will restore some of that.

Improved Shields – I can’t pass up on additional mana restored from Water Shield.


Prime Glyphs:
These three glyphs appear to be the most effective Prime Glyphs for Resto Shaman going into Cataclysm.

Earth Shield
Water Shield
Earthliving Weapon vs. Riptide – Depending on the composition of your raid you might want to select Riptide. Otherwise I think Earthliving Weapon will be the way to go.

Major Glyphs:
Major glyphs are typically your utility glyphs, but these three all affect healing and therefore I believe should all be taken.

Chain Heal
Healing Wave
Healing Stream Totem

Minor Glyphs:
Minor glyphs are still mostly up to player preference but I chose some because I don’t like carrying extra reagents.

Astral Recall
Renewed Life
Water Breathing

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  • RestoShaman101

    Before you disregard Totemic Focus remember that it increases the duration of ALL totems. Which includes Mana Tide, Fire Elemental, Magma Totem, etc. So it could prove to be a better talent than it appears.

    With Earthliving and Riptide both able to crit and scaling with haste (extra ticks, same duration) I am playing around with using both these glyphs and dropping the Water Shield glyph (extra 50 MP5).

    Glyph of Healing Wave I am not using as I rarely use Healing Wave (at level 80 with ICC25-H gear). I find if I am casting HW it is because there is no healing to be done and I want to keep a steady stream of heals on the tank to ensure Ancestral Fortitude, Earthliving, and to preempt some incoming damage. For this reason I use Glyph of Ghost Wolf – 5% extra move speed which now that it is usable indoors I find to be very useful (more so once I have enough talents to make it instant). Fights like Sindragosa where you need to run after a magic pull – you can predict the pull, cast ghost wolf then run away 35% faster and start casting sooner! or Putricide you can kite the gas cloud better, stack up faster, etc.

    Just my current thoughts on 4.0.1.

  • Luna

    Any thoughts on optimum gemming/enchanting for a resto shaman?

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