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    WoWphiles Podcast Show #44

    Posted on Oct 4, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    Cataclysm Rumored Release Dates

    “Alleged Release Dates”

    Get a FREE copy of the Stormrage Audio Book and a free trial of Audible courtesy of WoWphiles. Sign up now.

    Cataclysm Release Date…Really?
    There have a been a number of conflicting rumored and alleged release dates for Cataclysm recently.

    Weekly Blues
    Being GCD locked, Arena Season 8 ending, no more portals in Dalaran or Shattrath, tank balance, threat decay and more.

    “It’s how I want to play”
    Is if fair for players to justify “bad” decisions by saying, “it’s how I want to play.” Or, is it their right to do so.

    Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
    Icesnake is back this week to bring us the addons: All Classes Should Have

    The Community Speaks
    We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

    LoreDucation with Evinrue
    Evinrue is here to talk about NPC’s in World of Warcraft who should have their stories expanded.




    warcraft blog podcast
    • Arrowtipz

      1. You had me very upset when you didnt post on Sunday! I wait all day for it :P…..but really I actually wake up and check every hour or so.
      2. I’ve noticed some gold buying sites advertising on your you have control over that if so whats up with that?
      3. Not even cool Modem I’m so jealous of rams/kodo. :(
      4.Do you guys have any tips on how a new lvl 80 can make 5k gold for artisan flying or is it basically max your professions and farm?
      5. I really like hunter so Im looking forward to the class changes a lot!
      6.NO! I like my ports. :(
      7. Im faction changing/server changing next wednesday.
      8. I’m really interested in all things tank since I’m planning on making a holy/prot tauren pally, a fury/prot BE warrior, and a goblin rogue ( So original right?) and maybe a PvP warlock…Ive got work to do for cataclysm. ๐Ÿ˜›
      9…Isnt telling people your reporting them harassment. :P.
      10. As the way i see it..while your leveling you can play how you want..HOWEVER when you hit 80 smack yourself straight and play to the best of not your ability…the Games ability.
      11. HAHAHAHAHA i love that transcript!
      12.I left a review on itunes…and a hella lot of comments just the same as usuall…i check the site every day sumdays every hour..i love you guys long time.
      13. For the Alliance he plays a kinda big part already but Mathias Shaw of SI:7.
      14. For the Horde…..hmmm i dont know i haven’t played them much but that will all change soon.
      15. Im sure you guys have talked about it but it escapes my mind…what is Garrosh’s feeling about the Tauren…some reason I love them long time…I honestly dont know why.
      16. why does it always end up being a book?

    • Jason Zimmerman

      I’m rolling up my sleeves to respond to the book.

      1. Arrow, you are not only a WoWphile, you are a WoWphilesphile.
      2.Yes, I noticed them too and have been banning URL’s one by one. I think I got them all.
      3. Yes, Modem is a jerk.
      4. Maxing professions and selling mats and crafted items that are in high demand will make you a lot of gold. Especially when Cataclysm comes out there will be huge demand right away and there is the potential for making a lot of gold fast. You can also try the buy low/sell high on the AH (that never works for me) you can also stock up on items that are needed for holiday quests–they sell for large sums at the beginnings of holidays. But I’ve never been very good at being rich. Probably because I put more time into leveling
      5. You and Modem both.
      6. I have a feeling we won’t miss the ports in Dal and Shatt all that much come Cataclysm.
      7. Good luck on the Faction/Server change. Hope you find a good home. I originally started as a Tauren shaman on Archimonde, then transferred to Zul’jin, then to Earthen Ring. So yeah, I know how it is to look for a home on a server you like.
      8. Not sure about the other classes but for Paladins this has been a great resource for me:
      9. If you are reporting someone for the wrong reasons…then yes.
      10. Agreed.
      11. Yeah, I laughed every time I read it.
      12. Thank you thank you thank you…and, oh yeah, THANK YOU. I never get tired of thanking people for supporting our show.
      13. Having never spent too much time as Alliance I wasn’t really familiar with SI:7. Interesting.
      14. Just keep practicing and it will get natural — FOR THE HORDE!
      15. Not sure, maybe Modem or Evinrue know. We’ll have to discuss on the show.
      16. Because you have an inner novelist?

    • Evinrue

      I don’t have Jason’s patience to reply with a novel as well, but here is a summary of my response.

      1. Even if I don’t always have the chance to respond, your comments make my day a little brighter.
      2. Gold buying is not the answer Arrow!
      3. Modem is stupid lucky. He’s also running Coren on all of his 80s daily, which is just obscene.
      4. I’m also really bad at it and, unlike Jason, I don’t have a billion alts. Just quest, dailies, and try not to spend gold on vanity items.
      5. I might actually dust off Evinrue and play that character when the hunter changes go live.
      6. The immature response would be “Roll mage.” But that would be immature ๐Ÿ˜›
      7. Have fun! But don’t forget the Wowphiles guild, “The Gathering” on Lightbringer, is alliance *thumbs up*
      8. I’ll defer to my tanking friends for this one, as I play exclusively healers and ranged.
      9. Si, however there is a time and a place to report people through the warcraft UI if they actually deserve it, which does not involve publicly shouting your reporting someone through trade chat.
      10. Leveling you should be testing good practice of what you’ll do at endgame, just my opinion on that.
      11. Si si!
      12. We love you long time.
      13. Mathias Shaw actually has quite a bit of interesting lore if you read into his dialogue and more of his background information. Also tied to one of our picks in Elling Trias. I like to imagine them as underground super heros fighting Stormwind corruption in the dark of night.
      14. As my main is retired until Cataclysm, I’ve been playing a lot on the horde-side with my esteemed colleagues. It hasn’t made much of a difference if I stick around Dalaran for the most part ๐Ÿ˜›
      15. You love them because everyone loves the Tauren. It’s impossible not to. Even the Alliance love the Tauren. Except for maybe undead, but the undead don’t like anyone. As for Garrosh, we have quite a bit of left for his story in conjunction with the Tauren. Obviously from what we know, the venerable Cairne Bloodhoof is unhappy with Garrosh becoming Warchief, and unlike Vol’jin who promises a quiet revolution, Cairne actually full on challenges Garrosh. It gets a bit tricky to explain in so few words, but personally I feel at the end of all these shenanigans, the Tauren, like the Trolls, are going to be dubious of Garrosh’s leadership, despite his championing Baine and retaking of Thunderbluff from the Grimtotem. On the flipside, I think we’re going to see Garrosh being distrustful of his own Horde and relying heavily on his own people the Orcs rather than the other races. Which in the long run, will only serve to deepen the cracks forming in the Horde.
      16. And look at that! Novelization is contagious!

    • Arrowtipz

      Apparently so three novels on on podcast…dang!…today was boring…came home and got on computer and though to myself “lets check wowphiles before i play WoW”…what do you know? I just got my reading in for the day.

    • Arrowtipz

      UH OH! I couldn’t help myself this thought just came to me and I couldn’t help but double-post. What about after your Lich King episode or sometime have a show all about Horde vs. Alliance (maybe shorter, maybe same, maybe longer, its all good to me) because you all are quite opinionated on your factions and I think some interesting topics/facts would rise up. As usual…if you dont like this idea discard it just trying to shake things up a bit.

    • Frostnut

      Hey ppl, i thought i’d throw in my 2 cents about the whole “i play how i want” discussion. I think that when some people get into a dungeon and realise the healer, tank or dps is spec or geared wrong they do feel it necessary to tell them. Whether that is constructive or what most ppl do rage about that persons gear / talents. I think that alot of the time players that notice wrong specs and gear are just used to other players that know how to spec and gear(obviously). Sometimes we might forget that we were all nubs at one stage and alot of people don’t know how to play an MMO, they don’t know how to spec or gear correctly because blizz doesn’t give you that much information in game about stats. To some players they may feel that “why am i searching the internet and different forums on how to play a game that should really tell me, in game?”.

      I know for myself when i first started playing that I had NO IDEA what a tank, healer or dps was. I speced into the tree that i liked that i think was the coolest. Yes its just a game and people should play how they want, however if you want to experience the end game content thats when they need to research their class. Some people are just happy running 5 mans with their class. And yes their are many players out there that rage and feel that they are being told what to do when you suggest a spec / gear change to their character because really you don’t play a game to be told what to do, you play because you enjoy doing what you like.

      Sorry for the novel guys, just thought i’d give you my opinion. Hope it makes sense ๐Ÿ˜›
      Frostnut of Barthilus

    • Crashingphoenix

      hey im kippee…. you prolly know me as chase… or crashingphoenix….
      about the whole i play how i want to play…..
      1. yes i am like that.
      2. people look at my spec and laugh.
      3. but i tank hold aggro while keeping my LOL’s up at the people who want to watch it fail.
      4. why is it when they first see my spec they laugh but then after they were like :O omgee thats amazing
      6. and why is it when you tell somone that your spec is acctually VERY well thought out and perfect and you dont want there advice they go all QQ and dont even try in the instance….
      7. now that 4.0.1 is out we shouldnt have to worry about the talants so much as the rotations….
      8 why dont some people understand that if you spec in it, its probly in your best intrest to use the spell that come with it……
      9. you guys are AMAZING! i love you long time!
      10. i dont know what to make but im OCD and like even numbers (^.^’)