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    My Post Patch 4.0.1 UI Addons

    Posted on Nov 5, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    UI Addons for Patch 4.0.1
    This post is a follow up to the one that I wrote before patch 4.0.1 about how it was a great time to reinvent your user interface.

    Since patch 4.0.1 has been released I have tried out a variety of addons to get my UI to where I feel comfortable with it. It still continues to evolve as old favorites get updated and new addons are developed, but for now this is my current interface.

    As you can see from my screenshot I’m a fan of the “put everything on the bottom” approach. I don’t like looking up and down and all around. I prefer to keep everything together at the bottom because for me it helps me focus better.

    Now I’m going to break down my UI into pieces and tell you about the addons I’m using. Lets start from the top and work our way to the bottom.

    Chocolate Bar

    Chocolate Bar Addon Patch 4.0.1This is a new addon for me since 4.0.1. I had previously been using Fubar, but since it did not get updated I followed a recommendation and tried Chocolate Bar. It does exactly what I want in a simple and clear way: it puts icons for addons and useful information like durability, gold, frame rate and more in a clean bar at the top of my screen.

    I love not having to use the Micro Menu for things like frame rate, or have a lot of buttons cluttering up my mini-map.

    Some addons put an icon in the bar by default, but for those that don’t you can visit the Wowinterface List of Plugins for it.

    Sexy Map

    Sexy Map Addon Patch 4.0.1Another new addon for me that I recently added to my collection. It doesn’t look too sexy here because I changed the default look of the addon to a basic square map.

    I like how you can only show certain mini map icons, and set it to show others when you hover over the map. I’m also a big fan of having coordinates right there in plain view near my map.


    This has been a main addon of my for over a year now. I use Vuhdo for my raid/party frames, as well as for an easy way to monitor the buffs I use.

    Vuhdo Addon Patch 4.0.1The buff bar is vertical by default, but here I made it horizontal and ran it along my Chocolate Bar. You can see the buffs that you use with timers that change color as they are running low and when they run out. It makes raid and party buffing a no-brainer. You can also right-click on the particular buff, such as Blessing of Kings, and select from the available buffs in that category and easily switch it.

    Vuhdo Addon Patch 4.0.1For raid and party frames, Vuhdo works very similar to other addons like Healbot, Grid, and now the default Blizzard raid frames. You don’t need to add Clique however, like with Grid or the Blizzard frames.

    Using these types of frams is fantastic for all classes, not just healers. As a tank I have it set to show <AGGRO> in big red letters on a frame when someone pulls aggro. Then I can right-click on their frame, because I have right-click bound to Righteous Defense and instantly taunt the mob off of them.

    Shadowed Unit Frames

    Shadowed Unit Frames Patch 4.0.1Here’s another new addon to my collection since patch 4.0.1. I used to use Xperl but found it to be a bit heavier on system resources and buggy at times. Based on player recommendations I switched to Shadowed Unit Frames and I’m really happy with it.

    Shadowed is fairly easy to configure, relative to other Unit Frame addons, and allows me to customize the look and placement of target, focus, boss, pet frames and more.

    I also like the way Shadowed Unit Frames handles Buffs and Debuffs. I prefer to have them near my portrait rather at the top of the screen like the default Blizzard buff bar. Shadowed allows you to customize the size and placement of buffs and debuffs around portraits.


    Bartender Action Bar Addon Patch 4.0.1I received some recommendations on other Action Bar addons to switch to, but in the end I decided to keep Bartender. Bartender does exactly what I need for customizing my action bars.

    With Bartender I can scale and move bars and customize them as much or little as I like.


    Skada Damage Meter Addon Patch 4.0.1I was looking for a replacement Threat meter since my favorite addon Diamond Threat Meter hadn’t been updated. I just found out that Diamond has recently updated however, so I may replace the threat frame in Skada back to Diamond,

    But Skada is a great addon to give you a lot of useful information similar to Recount but allowed me an easy way to separate it into multiple panels such as Damage and Threat.

    Diamond Threat Meter

    Diamond Threat Meter Patch 4.0.1I wanted to add Diamond to the bottom of this list because while I don’t currently have it reinstalled, it has long been my favorite threat meter addon. As a tank I found it easier to see quickly where I stood on threat visually and it worked great for me. I can almost guarantee that the next time I log in to WoW I will be updated and using Diamond once again for my threat meter.



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    • SaintDanger

      Shadow unit frame is the answer to my prayers. Lite weight and ez to figure out I highly recommend for thous tired of pitbull and xperl. cause who wants to spend time figuring out addons when u need to grind rep.

    • Turdburgler

      Does it bother you that the bar at the top seems to be overlapping some of the frames for buffs, etc?