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    Patch 4.0.3a Downloading for the Second Time

    Posted on Nov 29, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    I tried to log in to World of Warcraft this evening to get back to leveling my Priest only to find a 150mb download waiting for me.

    It seems that Blizzard is giving us the patch again because there were some problems with people receiving it the first time. I must say, I love that Blizzard gives us content patches, but as someone who has a slow internet connection I can’t help but QQ a bit about waiting a second time to get in the game. Fortunately we can bypass the download for now if we choose.

    I’ll sit here and wait patiently however, as this patch downloads again. Here’s the official blue post:

    It’s not a new patch, it’s actually “re-downloading” data which will replace current files. It’s intended to resolve a few issues including disconnects and ‘pink squares’.

    As it’s not a patch, if you’re extremely eager to get into the game (or it’s taking too long) you can actually bypass the launcher and run the wow.exe in your game directory and play normally. You can then continue on downloading it later after you’re done playing.



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    • Guy Heckman

      Quick tip for those with multiple machines. Download the patches on one machine first then leave the Launcher running on the machine and fire up the Launcher on the others. The torrent will use your already downloaded machine as it’s primary seed and the remaining updates will be quick.

    • PsionicElf

      Awesome tip, Guy. Thanks! :)