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    The End of Azeroth As We Knew It: Do You Feel Fine?

    Posted on Nov 22, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    The Shattering in game this week

    We’ve known that this day would come. The day when Deathwing would rise from the earth, shattering it, causing cracks and tidal waves that will change the landscape of Azeroth forever.

    How do you feel now that this day is about to arrive? For the most part I’ve been excited about the shattering and the changes that World of Warcraft is about to go through. It’s going to almost feel like a new game for a lot of us. But, the flipside of this excitement however, is a bit if sadness.

    I think that for many of us who have been playing World of Warcraft since the days of the Classic game before the first expansion we have a lot of memories that are tied to that world.

    It was a special time discovering the world for the first time. I spent time just getting lost riding across the Eastern Kingdoms taking in the changes in scenery. Seeing each new zone was a wonderful new experience.

    At around level 30 I also joined my first guild. Memories of Azeroth are filled with thoughts of the good times spent meeting people and making friends in the game for the first time.

    I’m sure all of you have memories of things you did in the game that felt special, and with the coming Shattering you feel as though a part of you is getting destroyed along with the land. I know part of me feels this way.

    The one thing we need to remember is that we will always have those memories. We might not have the same visual triggers in the game when we ride through the world and see things that remind us of those past times. But the memories themselves will always be with us.

    Now is the time to make new memories. It’s a time in which we set the old memories up on the mantle within our mind where we can always look back at them fondly, but start to create new memories of a new world with old and new friends.

    So while I have a heavy heart and will miss certain aspects of the world, I look to a new day and fresh new experiences with the great people I have come to know in World of Warcraft and those I have not yet been introduced to.

    Below are a couple videos regarding the Shattering of Azeroth that I thought were pretty funny. Enjoy, and thanks to Lysaria for sharing these.





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    • Prelimar

      i’m really hoping it’s happening NEXT week, not this one, because with thanksgiving here in the US, i won’t be able to log in from weds-saturday. : (

    • Anonymous

      I’m actually surprised that I’m having such an emotional reaction to this, especially since I knew it was coming. I had no idea what I was going to do when I first logged in. But last night, all I could do was wander around and marvel at most of the changes and be sad at some of the others…and I barely went anywhere.

      I spent almost 2 hours wandering around and exploring Stormwind. Some of the changes are so beautiful, it made me tear up. I love what they did with it, although seeing the hole where the park was made me sad. But I have to say, I fell in love with it on the whole. It looks amazing!

      The changes in Darkshore, expecially Auberdine, are heartbreaking. Seeing some of our past quest givers dead and the town in shambles made me sad. I did some of the new quests over there and they were fun. I can’t wait to see the other changes around the world.

      I do feel like I’m playing a new game. It’s somewhat familiar but also quite different. I almost feel like I want to reroll and start over, but I’m very attached to my toons. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be rolling more alts to experience the starting zones as soon as I get 4 or 5 of my current toons to 85.

    • Jason Zimmerman

      I’m sharing some of the same feelings Whimz. I thought that I was fine with everything at first when I ran around Orgrimmar and was loving the new look. But I was questing with my Priest last night and was sad to see places like The Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles flooded.

      I remember questing there with my shaman for the first time years ago in Classic days and thought the racetrack was really cool. So it felt sad to see it underwater but I like how you can swim down and see it underwater and fight off those dang looters.

      I think it definitely is feeling like a new game and I actually want to create a level 1 character and experience new quest lines in the old world too.