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    Wowphiles Podcast Show #47

    Posted on Nov 1, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    WoWphiles Podcast 47

    “If You See Deathwing He Will Kill You”

    Get a FREE copy of the Stormrage Audio Book and a free trial of Audible courtesy of WoWphiles. Sign up now.

    WoWpedia Interview
    We talk with Pcj from about their new site and why people should check it out.

    Weekly Blues
    Notes from BlizzCon 2010, Dungeons and Raids on Cataclysm, The Shattering World Event, Deathwing wreaking havoc and more.

    Hunters Interview
    We talk with Bliky from OneManRaid about his thoughts on how to spec and glyph Survival hunters for patch 4.0.1
    **Level 80 Survival Hunter Spec 4.0.1

    Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
    Icesnake is back this week to bring us the addons for: Starting over for Patch 4.0.1

    Priest Interview
    We talk Discipline Priest specs, glyphs and more with Liala from Disciplinary Action about Disc Priests in 4.0.1
    **Level 80 Discipline Priest Spec 4.0.1

    The Community Speaks
    We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

    Warrior Interview
    We talk with Linedan from Achtung Panzercow to talk about Protection Warrior spec, glyphs and tanking tips for Patch 4.0.1
    **Level 80 Protection Warrior Spec 4.0.1

    LoreDucation with Evinrue
    Evinrue is out with computer problems but Modem and Jason talk lore from the Quest and Lore panel from BlizzCon 2010




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    • Anonymous

      That’s no dolphin! It’s a space station!

    • Arrowtipz

      Hmmm I have an idea but im not sure how easy it would it be…perhaps sometimes put links to the indivudual segments so if youve already listened to the whole thing and you dont wanna have to random click to try and find the part you want to hear again..or post the times each one start.

    • Arrowtipz

      p.s. this is the last show i will listen to before i leave the WoW universe forever. goodbye all. me love you long time.

    • Mobitz of Arygos

      Umm…did the number 46 get lost in the Twisting Nether?

    • Mobitz

      Or rather, podcast number 46.

      Anyhow, great podcast. It’s quickly becoming my favorite.

    • Jason

      Hey Mobitz,
      Yeah, I mentioned in 47 that 46 is in limbo. It suffered some technical difficulties, but rather than scrap the whole thing I am planning on doing surgery on it and releasing it out of order.

      Thanks for listening and I’m glad that we are becoming a favorite!

    • Jason

      Thanks Arrowtipz, sorry to see you go.If you ever come back to WoW we will be here with open arms.

    • Kmuzu

      Just thumb-up you on StumbleUpon ..great podcast.

    • Jason Zimmerman

      Thanks Kmuzu!

    • Ignis

      HECK YEA!!!!! got the shout out heh was listening to for it 😀

    • Guest

      So I was wondering 2 things…what do you guys think about private servers? and how come alterac valley has its own mounts but the others dont.