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    Wowphiles Podcast Show #48

    Posted on Nov 14, 2010 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    WoWphiles Episode 48 Goblin Transfers

    “Gaggle of Goblins”

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    Weekly Blues
    Zul’Gurub as a questing zone, 310% riding for free, Region Battlegroups, new combat resurrection mechanic, goblin/worgen transfers.

    Death Knight interview
    We talk with Ceraphus from Variant Avatar about his thoughts on how to spec and glyph Unholy Death Knights for patch 4.0.1

    **Level 80 Unholy Death Knight Spec**

    Tier 11 Gear Preview
    We discuss our thoughts on the upcoming Tier 11 gear.

    Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
    Icesnake is back this week to bring us the addons for: Druids

    Paladin Interview
    We talk Protection Paladin specs, glyphs and more with Malakynn from Son of a Lich.

    The Community Speaks
    We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

    Rogue Interview
    We talk with Thunderclese who produces Rogue videos at Thunderclese’s YouTube Page about his thoughts on how to spec and glyph Assassination Rogues.

    LoreDucation with Evinrue
    Evinrue is out this week but Jason and Modem discuss some lore regarding the Horde and the Shattering. [Warning: Shattering Spoilers included]

    Contact Us
    And don’t forget there is a variety of ways for you to Contact the show.




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    • ImaFackinCat

      Hey guys I was wondering when youll have a druid interview?

    • Jason Zimmerman

      We have a Resto Druid on next weeks show. But we plan to do more classes after Cataclysm also. We are taking requests.

    • ImaFackinCat

      I would help you out but I’m a lil too new to the class and unexperienced yet…I’m a feral druid level 54

    • Kmuzu

      Great podcast .. speaking of old things being torn down .. try living in Las Vegas .. nothing over 30 years is left standing .. we blow it up .. we’re like the Logan’s Run of cities.