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    Cataclysm Heroics Revisited: Are They Unfair?

    Posted on Jan 5, 2011 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    Cataclysm Heroics Strategy Guide Difficulty

    In my last post I talked about how I didn’t think that Heroics in Cataclysm were necessarily too difficult, but we as players needed more awareness and experience and gear.

    Since then I’ve been making attempts at various Heroics, all with similar outcomes: we seldom finish the entire dungeon and it involves a lot of wiping along the way.

    Have I decided to change my tune and say that yes they are in fact too difficult? No, I’m not ready to concede that point. They are hard, there is no doubt about that, but I don’t think they are unfairly hard.

    I think the line of whether or not something is too difficult and should be adjusted comes down to whether or not it is unfair. If a heroic dungeon is so difficult that unless you have the perfect group composition and all the stars are aligned you will fail, then it is unfairly hard. I don’t feel however, that we are experiencing that situation.

    The only thing that seems to me that Blizzard should take a look at changing are healers. It seems like healers are really getting the short end of the stick here and it makes me wonder if their mana pools and healing output are too low. Yes, gear will solve the problem, but if their base is too low to begin with then they are just trying to dig themselves out of hole that they didn’t need to be in.

    For players, I’m a believer in the notion that just because you can enter a Heroic with an average item level of 329 doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If you are skating by with gear in your bags that is not even your spec, and you have equipped mostly greens with none being gemmed or enchanted, you aren’t doing much to help the success of your group.

    I think instead of using average item level as the benchmark, and taking account items in your bags as well, Blizzard should tried something like require that you have at least a blue level 333 item either from regular dungeons or from quests equipped in every slot (we can even exclude trinkets) when you try to enter the Heroic version. Then you at least know that people have put some work into gearing for Heroics and the group as a whole will be more successful.

    I’m a believer that higher content and harder content should be accessible to everyone given that they have put in some level of work. Players shouldn’t feel entitled to running Heroics right off the bat just because, “Only n00bs run normals”.

    If you want to run Heroic level dungeons then I believe you should have to put the time and effort into running the normal modes first and acquiring all regular level gear before moving on. The average item level restriction of 329 seems like a soft attempt at this.

    Then, a year into Cataclysm, when many more people have higher level gear, I think it’s fine to remove or lessen the restriction and give people the opportunity to carry their less geared friends if they so choose.

    At the beginning of an expansion I don’t see anything wrong with putting up a stronger gate and saying to players, “You must have at least all regular level gear before you can move on.”

    So even though the system is flawed, the dungeons themselves are not at an unfair level of difficulty.

    The best advice I can give players struggling right now in Heroics is this: know the mechanics like the back of your hand. There is no margin for error right now and everyone needs to be on their game 100%.



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    • Chris Nixon

      I personally like how things stand right now. Heroics can be difficult and time consuming but the pay off is great. Getting geared to get in a heroic is an important step to making it a less stressful and time consuming for everyone in the instance. I think they could be a little more strict with the ilevel of the gear at times. Maybe adjust it per class or something. Some may find that unfair but some people just want to jump in too soon.

    • Icesnake

      There’s a reason they are called “Heroics.”

    • deana

      Aye. Heroics are hard and should be as we gear up. Too soon they will be old hat just like WoTLK. Our guild is taking this as an opportunity to guild up instance awareness, learn to work and CC as a team as we prepare for raids. I remember WotLK early on. It was like this. Runnig heroics even with decent gear, experience in regulars and full enchants/gems takes some skill for sure and also a sense of humor. :)

    • Jeffro

      My biggest problem is the que times. Spend 40 mins in a que to have it fail or fall apart is horrible. What I would love to see happen is allow to que for random dungeons and random battlegrounds at the same time

    • Erilock

      Funny story, as I was running my Protadin through normal runs to gear up for heroics, I had 2 DPS with crappy attitudes give me a hard time simply because I wanted them to CC (specifically 2 adepts in Vortex Pinnacle) – their opinion was that since it was normal just grab everything and who cares about CC. This is the very problem, you’re getting people who just don’t care about playing properly, normal mode or not, doesn’t matter, if a tank wants to practice the pull as if they WERE heroic, then the group should just follow his lead, besides it can only be of benefit to the group as a whole since once you end up in the heroic it’ll only have benefitted you to learn the pulls in normal. I was in total disbelief that I was getting a hard time because I wanted them to CC. Then being told by someone that they couldn’t care less that “a noob tank” wanted to practice the pulls and they weren’t there to waste time while I learned the pulls in normal mode. Here’s what they didn’t know. My main is a warlock who’s cleard successfully all the heroics before any changes were made (speaking of Deadmines in particular where they reduced significantly the number of trash), and ontop of that we got tons of the achievements while in the heroics, all of which we never had any wipe fests on (yes those were guild runs), and I have been playing WoW since release, so a wow veteran with tons of raiding experience. Now I didn’t bother bragging about my accomplishments, because there’s really no point, but this kind of attitude from players is one of the major causes for wipes and disbands. You want to succeed in heroics? it all starts with the normal runs, and your attitude towards the rest of the group. The very following run (Lost city of Tol Vir) the groups comments at the end were “excellent leading/tanking” “thank you for explaining the fights” “great job” etc. So moral of the story is ” don’t be part of the problem… be part of the solution” and you can do this by simply allowing and even recomment you practice your normal runs as if they were heroics, this will prepare you once you’re in the heroics and have given you the necessary reflex memory to know what needs to be CC’d and more importantly KNOW why you’re CC’ing, i.e. Adepts in Vortex Pinnacle heal (and pulling a group of 5 even on normal when 2 of em are Adepts… good luck doing that without using CC).

      Good luck, all I can say is idiots like the ones I played with last night in my PuG runs, deserve to stay in normal modes, because with their attitudes they shouldn’t get the privilege of being run through a heroic.

    • Alan Waldrop

      I play healers in all three varieties and I agree with you that the healing mana pool is inadequate.  Tanks go through the instances like a bat out of hell and they frequently assume they will be healed no matter how many mobs are beating on them.  Healers need to keep their mana up by all means possible but Tanks need to use the CC abilities of the DPS and not break them all the time and realize that the dps need heals sometimes too.  I play a Tank on rare occassions and I know some Tanks who are highly geared take too many chances in PUGs and that results in people dying and overall slows the run down or you end up with your dps quitting on you.  I ran yesterday and had all three dps helping me out by using bandaids, herbalism abilities, etc.  By the way anyone who has not leveled their First Aid should do it!