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    Icesnake’s Add-On Emporium #43: Warlocks

    Posted on Jan 18, 2011 by: Icesnake Frostfyre
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    Segment 43: Add-ons for Warlocks

    First, let me apologize for being alphabetically-challenged last week, and getting Warrior ahead of Warlock in the add-on rotation.

    Warlocks are generally called upon to provide DPS, along with some ancillary tasks like summoning soulwells, creating soulstones, and making coffee. No, wait, that’s mages who make the snacks and beverages. Well, whatever.

    As a consequence, one very popular talent spec is Destruction. If you are a Destruction warlock, you’ll probably want Destruction for Dummies. Keeping in mind that this add-on is also meant as an aid for Death Knights, Druids, and Hunters, it provides a visual prompt to tell you what spell you should cast next for a good single-target DPS rotation.

    Spellflash: Warlock is, of course, a module for Spellflash, and flashes the spell button for (what should be) your next cast. You may want to experiment and see which style, and which spell rotation, suits you better: Destruction for Dummies, or Spellflash.

    Winns Drain Soul tells you when to cast Drain Soul (and nothing else). Useful if you find yourself running out of Soul Shards frequently.

    DoTimer (“dot timer”) is actually four add-ons in a single package, for tracking Damage over Time spells, Cooldowns, and PlayerAuras, and managing Notifications. Each sub-add-on can be enabled, disabled, or customized individually.

    And for you role-players and just generally chatty warlocks, we have SoulSpeak. SoulSpeak emits random chats and emotes appropriate to various Warlock actions, with messages you can edit for customization.

    Music for this segment is from and is entitled “Whip Them Down” by Pauline Black and The Selecter.

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