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    Icesnake’s Add-On Emporium #45: Custom Sounds

    Posted on Jan 25, 2011 by: Icesnake Frostfyre
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    Segment 45: Custom sounds

    Some players play with all of the World of Warcraft sounds turned off; others turn on everything; and some prefer to replace or augment the in-game sounds with custom sound files. This week we’ll look beyond music players, at a couple of add-ons that help you with customizing the sounds in WoW. This segment was inspired by John Trahan. Thanks for your suggestion, John!

    Since all of these add-ons use normal MP3 files for their custom sounds, you could easily substitute replacements of your own choice – just put them in the appropriate folder in your add-ons directory tree (look in the folder where the add-on you’re customizing is found) and rename them to replace the ones that came with your add-on. A good source of sound effects MP3s is

    GodLike! is an add-on that plays a sound when your spell, heal or melee attack crits. NOTE: Some of the default sounds are definitely not safe for work or around small children. It comes with some Bart Simpson clips that could be used instead, however, and if you’re reading this, you can grab my personal replacement English choices at the bottom of this post.

    ComeHere is for Death Knights, and plays Scorpion’s “Come Here” or “Get Over Here” sounds when you use Death Grip.

    Chocobo will play one of four random chocobo theme songs when you mount on a hawkstrider of any type. You can also change it to play the song on any mount if you want.

    CritSound plays a custom sound each time you crit. Customizing the sounds without replacing the files requires you to edit the LUA file; if you’ve never looked inside a LUA, this is a relatively safe place to get your feet wet. Personally, I’d simply replace the MP3 file.

    CoolLevelUp replaces the level up system message by a complete Level Up animation with music and sound displaying what stats you have gained and the new skills you can now learn from your class trainer. It gives you more information than the vanilla WoW level-up message, as well as being more entertaining

    Music for this segment is from and is entitled “You Done Me Wrong” by the Upsessions.

    Download the MP3

    Replacement English Sounds



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