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Wowphiles Podcast Show #53

Posted on Jan 9, 2011 by: Jason Zimmerman
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Wowphiles World of Warcraft Podcast

“DK’s Can Hit Level 86″

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Weekly Blues
We discuss Blizzard’s stance on the state of heroics and our thoughts on their difficulty level. Then we discuss the dungeon finder and gear detection.

Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
Icesnake is back this week to bring you addons for Rogues.

Healing Tips
Modem provides tips for healers in Cataclysm.

The Community Speaks
We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
Icesnake is back this week to bring you addons for Warlocks.

Strategy Segment
We give you a walkthrough of the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon in Cataclysm

Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
Icesnake is back this week to bring you addons for Warriors.

Loreducation with Evinrue
Evinrue is out this week so we briefly ramble on about who the love of Garrosh Hellscream’s life will be.

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  • Pedis

    1. Heroics are not hard, perhaps a little long.
    2. Nothing is wrong with healing.
    3. Trolls are the only “True Horde” left, good for you.
    4. People that start playing now for the first time will be better than most wraith babies. They have no preconceptions.
    5. Healing, it’s not that you suck @ healing, it’s the “Group” sucks @ working together. Healers are use to carrying bad groups, this is no longer possible. Just like dps you now need to be part of the team.
    6. Just fyi, my experience is biggest in Holy priests and pallies(2005 to today). I have no experience with druid/shammy healing.
    7. Alliance what? oh it’s on -_-

  • http://singleboxing.com/ Melvyl

    Remember when Ghostcrawler said, “Health pools will be much larger in Cataclysm and healing will be lower. That should help address some of the overly binary feel of PvP and PvE encounters. You’ll still be able to kill people as well as be able to heal them. The pace will just be a little slower and both healing and killing should require more than 1-2 buttons.” That sounds rather different than your “No margin for error” discussion.

  • Arrowtipz

    I miss WoW :( I didnt cancel my account when I quit but it got hacked so I might as well of. Glad to see you all are still going strong.

  • http://twitter.com/groggswow Groggs

    I love tanking the heroics just hate the 2-3 hours it takes pugging it … provided you finish it. Have not healed one yet but look forward to it on my pally. Great podcast, thank you :)

  • Wmma

    One shots by bosses are important for the sole purpose that surviving the very obvious boss abilities is every players responsibility. Anything else will eventually fall on the healer to heal through.