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Wowphiles Podcast Show #54

Posted on Jan 16, 2011 by: Jason Zimmerman
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Wowphiles World of Warcraft Wow podcast 54

“I’m DPS, That’s What I Do”

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Weekly Blues
We discuss Patch 4.0.6 notes and some of the things that caught our attention.

Ghostcrawler’s Post about Heroics
We read excerpts from Ghostcrawler’s blog post about the difficulty of Heroic dungeons and give our thoughts on it.

It Came From the Forums
What would you do if you woke up as your WoW character?

Strategy Segment
We give you a walkthrough of the Lost City of the Tol’vir dungeon in Cataclysm

Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
Icesnake is back this week to bring you addons to play music from within WoW.

The Community Speaks
We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

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  • Pedis

    “Elves! We don’t need no stinking elves!”

  • Lance135

    Thank you, guys.

  • Hiruu

    Hey Guys,
    Another great show and you all are like a flint to try and spark my WOW fires burning. I got Cata, and started my Worgen and even got past the intro story, but Fallout New Vegas and a slew of other 360 titles have been stealing me away from WoW since the launch. Listening to the podcast is really keeping me plugged into what is going on, even though I’m not playing first hand, until I get back into it…maybe the end of this month. Although Two Worlds 2 comes out at the end of the month…hmmm…but the real problem is Dragon Age 2 on my horizon, but I digress. I just wanted to shoot you guys an email to thank you’ll for continuing to bring the A-game on the podcast in keeping us informed on what’s going on in WoW. The other REALLY cool bit of info I wanted to pass on to you guys was this clip I saw over at Kotaku about “The World of Starcraft”…Huh?!??! Yeah, I guess these enterprising gents are doing a WoW-clone to Starcraft in the SC2 engine…wow…how cool is THAT!
    Aka Hiruuamon, level 80 mage, aka Sebekamon, level 80 DK, aka Ahoamon, level 70 shammy, level 13 Worgen druid, aka…oh you get the picture!

  • Hiruu

    That didn’t take long:


    Blizzard lawyered up Youtube to take it down.

  • http://wowphiles.com Jason Zimmerman

    Thanks Derek! And by the way…forget those 360 games and play WoW!

  • http://twitter.com/Rilandune Rilandune

    By pure coincidence, I ran both Vortex Pinnacle and Lost City of the Tol’Vir for the first time within a few hours of the release of – and listening to -the shows containing the strategy segments, in LFD pugs.

    My success in healing the dungeons was largely based on hearing the strategies, so my thanks for that!

    Now, could you time your strategy segments accordingly so that they come out just prior to my running of the last few Cata dungeons I have not yet had as randoms? I’d appreciate it =)

    Love the show gents! Cheers!

  • Hiruu

    I’m getting stoked about WoW again…the podcast I listen to, to include you guys are pulling me back in. BTW, the World of Starcraft story has a “happy” ending:


    I think Blizzard stepped in to take over the issue from lawyers and things are okay.