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    Wowphiles Podcast Show #56

    Posted on Jan 30, 2011 by: Jason Zimmerman
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    WoWphiles WoW Warcraft Podcast 56

    “Word Ta Ya Goblin”

    Get a FREE copy of the Stormrage Audio Book and a free trial of Audible courtesy of WoWphiles. Sign up now.

    Weekly Blues
    Not much this week but we talk about the removal of the requirement of entering a dungeon before it becomes available in the LFD tool.

    Tol Barad
    We talk about the story of Tol Barad and some of the lore regarding it.

    Does usability trump the desire to make money?
    We discuss BoE epics and if someone who wants it for gold should be allowed to roll against someone who will equip the item immediately and use it.

    We bring you a walkthrough of Halls of Origination.

    Icesnake’s Addon Emporium
    Icesnake is back this week to bring you the addon Playerscore

    The Community Speaks
    We mention some of the things that you, our great listeners, had to say this week and read reviews.

    Resto Shaman Guide
    Ken from the Weekly Randoms podcast shares a guest segment on Resto Shaman.




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    • Lance135

      Regarding Guild Reputation: I think they should leave the system as it is. Guild reputation is just another form or currency that you grind until you’re able to reap the rewards that the guild has unlocked, such as the feast recipes.

      Good show, by the way.

    • What’s my main Again?

      I feel bad for that poor caller with the pally and warlock. You guys totally butchered his question. There is an option in your interface under help that is called beginner tooltips. Your listener has this option selected which it is by default. By deselecting it you will be able to see damage and healing value of your spells as opposed to the “description” that blizzard has for beginners. Additionally the values that are now listed on tooltips take into account your talents and spell power so are actually pretty close to what your result is as they no longer just list the base value of your heal. Naturally, crits and other player talents that increase healing received will throw off the value listed.

      Also there are arena brackets at lvl 70 and 80 but I do not believe they reward anything and there is no ranking but I’m pretty sure, atleast in wotlk that you could form an arena team as a lvl 70 but again there is no real use in it. Just wait until 85 and start then.

      I really disagree with you guys about the difficulty of heroics but I suppose I’m one of those elitist hardcore players. I have 4 85’s and each them have entered heroics the second I hit 329 which I would reach by buying anything higher than gear that I had. Since the ilvl accounts the gear in your bag not necessarily the gear you equip I would artificially increase my gearscore that way. I’ve done this as a feral tank, holy paladin, mage, and most recently with my DK.

      The hardest part about heroics is simply the learning curve. You actually have to pay attention to the bosses abilities but once you and your group know the fights heroics boil down to a 30 mins to an hr run. Yes I’ve ran quite a few with my guild but I also pug a lot. Sure sometimes you get the group that is completely clueless but even in those times all it takes is a strong leader to explain and guide the group and generally it will still succeed. I find my knowledge of other classes make it really easy to help new players AS LONG AS THEY ARE WILLING TO LISTEN. If they aren’t vote to kick ftw. I can’t tell you how many warriors I’ve ran with that don’t use rend and thunderclap on aoe pulls or hunters that don’t use cobra shot as BM or SV and the list goes on and on.

      For tanking stats starting out I believe I had 129k health in bear form and around 21% dodge. If you are undergeared it doesn’t mean you can’t run heroics it simply means that you need to go slow and make sure that your group CC’s and you use your tank cd’s at the right time. Both my mage and DK hit lvl 85 doing 9-10k dps so I find you being VERY generous with a 6k figure but again if someone is at least willing to listen and learn I will invest the time to try and help them.

      Sorry for the long Rant. I disappeared for awhile when I lost my job and had to move cross country but I’m back and love the show. I have an iphone and DL the show, listening to it while at work is awesome. Modem I believe I still had you beat at the end of wotlk with 11 80’s… that’s right I went to 11 with one of each class and 2 paladins.

    • Mathwow46

      hey i was wondering whats goin on about the next show beause im getting eger about it plus
      if you know any good places to to spam gear for a ret/holy paly thanks

    • Jason Zimmerman

      Ask and you shall receive. The new episode is up.

      Here’s a place to go and find gear:

    • Jason Zimmerman

      Ask and you shall receive. The new episode is up.

      Here’s a place to go and find gear:

    • Rawg

      Just found ya podcast and trying to catch up, loving it.

      One think I want to say before I forget.

      In regard to the abuse of the need roll in pug’s or otherwise in relation to BoE gear. A very simple fix would be if you roll need it automatically binds to your character. If you want it to sell.. then roll greed.