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  • Home » Mists of Pandaria, Pet Battles

    Pet Battles: Casual Fun or a Balancing Nightmare?

    Posted on Aug 20, 2012 by: Jason Zimmerman
    world of warcraft pet battles
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    When pet battles were first announced I didn’t give them much thought.

    It seemed to me that they would simply be some casual fun when you didn’t feel like doing anything else.

    In my mind creating pet battles was basically Blizzard’s way of saying, “Don’t worry about running out of things to do…here’s a new mini game.”

    I admit I even thought they were a bit silly and pointless at first.

    Over time I started warming up to the idea of pet battles until I read this question posed by Wowpedia and began to think about a whole new can of worms that might be about to pour open…

    …pet class balancing.

    Wowpedia asked if we thought if Tyrael’s Hilt would be overpowered in pet battles.

    Right away I thought: oh no not more balancing issues. I mean, it was bad enough when Arenas were introduced and class balancing became a huge issue with some players screaming that this class was overpowered and that class was underpowered.

    Class balancing for PvP became a huge issue once Arena PvP was live.

    Are we going to end up with that same problem now where players are screaming that Tyrael’s Hilt is OP and the Perky Pug is nerfed to the ground?

    Is Blizzard going to have to spend development time balancing pet abilities?

    Because I would much rather see development time put into creating new models and skins for the original races that desperately need an upgrade rather than making sure every pet battle is equally matched.

    What do you think? Let me know here or on Facebook or Twitter what you think about all this.



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    • Anon

      Does it matter? Pet Battles is just another timewaster for a bit of lulz. Dont put so much elitist shit into it :)

    • WoWphiles

      I think it matters because as we’ve seen over the years, players get really upset by balancing issues and I could definitely see pet battles causing the same uproar. So, in that sense it’s worth discussing. But a week into the expansion I’ve heard nothing but good things about pet battles