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  • Home » Mists of Pandaria, Scenarios

    Will Mists of Pandaria Scenario Bosses Make Players Suck Less?

    Posted on Aug 15, 2012 by: Jason Zimmerman
    mists of pandaria scenario bosses
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    One of the biggest complaints people had during the transition from Wrath of the Lich King to Cataclysm was that WOTLK made players suck.

    Players got soft and lazy and stopped paying attention to things like boss mechanics and targeting the tank’s target.

    Ya know, all the things you’re actually supposed to do in a dungeon.

    Then Cataclysm came about and players sucked….badly. Heroic dungeons in a PuG were the equivalent of waterboarding. You’d gladly give up national security secrets just to get out of the group as fast as possible.

    But after reading about the Scenario Bosses in Mists of Pandaria I’m starting to think that there’s hope.

    Scenario bosses are going to force players to actually PAY ATTENTION.

    Scenario bosses often can’t be tanked, or tanking isn’t very helpful….they can have very high damage attacks that must be avoided by the players. These encounters aren’t designed in a way that you can tank or heal through their massive attacks. You either pay attention to the signs that an attack is coming and avoid it, or you fail.

    Did you see the key sentence there?

    You either pay attention to the signs that an attack is coming and avoid it, or you fail.

    After reading all about scenarios I have to believe that these types of encounters will actually make players better.

    If watching for signs of an attack, moving around, paying attention and all the things that a Scenario Boss requires becomes second nature for players, I have to believe that it will translate to raise the skill level for players in Dungeons and Raids also.



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