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Icesnake’s Add-on Emporium: WoW 5.0.4 Segment 13; Infinite Ignore

Posted on Oct 20, 2012 by: Icesnake Frostfyre
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Icesnake here, with a solution to Trade Chat spammers and abusers.

You know Blizzard gave us an Ignore list in WoW. If you’ve played much at all, you also know that 100 names isn’t nearly enough; you could easily fill that up in a single day.

That’s why Infinite Ignore was written. Infinite Ignore gives you almost limitless capacity to ignore other players. However, it seems that it was last updated in February of 2010; but it’s still working. It’s available on Wowinterface.com

If you don’t want to install Infinite Ignore manually, another option is IgnoreMore, which you can dowwnload from Curse. It was updated in December of 2011; and since the ignore function in WoW hasn’t changed, it still works, too.

Either way, you should read the Web page for the addon you choose, so you’ll know how to use it.

Special note for Modem and other interested parties: GUI v3.0 for MoP is still in beta. I promise I’ll review it when it’s in “release” mode. Until then, anyone who wants to try it out should search curse for “GUI Beta” (or follow the link on the Wowphiles Web site).

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