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WoWphiles Podcast Show #69

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 by: Jason Zimmerman
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“Drink Two Beers and Call Me In The Morning”

Weekly Blues & News
New Windsteed mount coming soon, new faction gryphons and wyverns, new Warcraft fiction coming soon, and much more.

It Came From the Forums
The Great Ninja Looting Debate. Need and Greed on offspec items.

The Community Speaks
Icesnake tells whiners to get off his lawn, we look at more hints of an Alliance and Horde team-up, Fujimaro has fans and we get some iTunes love.

Tips and Strategies
Stormstout Brewery Walkthrough

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  • Lydia Zackery

    Wyrmrest has a guild “swords for everyone” for people with social anxiety.  They are extremely helpful.  I did not start running dungeons until about 1 week ago because of my social anxiety. Cybeldaz 70 troll shadow priest.

  • Lydia Zackery

    I should have told you i love your podcast.  It is my favorite podcast.  I have a 1 hour drive to work both ways and I think I listen to EVERY WOW podcast available but i always play yours first. It is informative and for this 50 year old noob at gaming this means a lot

  • http://twitter.com/WoWphiles WoWphiles

    Thanks Lydia..really appreciate your comments!

  • http://twitter.com/WoWphiles WoWphiles

    That’s great to hear