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Icesnake’s Add-on Emporium: WoW 5.2 (2013); Warlock Incursion

Posted on Mar 9, 2013 by: Icesnake Frostfyre
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I am Souleater, and this is my Emporium. It used to belong to Icesnake, but he’s a bit… Tied up at the moment.

Naturally, the only add-ons that matter are add-ons for warlocks. Here are three that you may find useful:

WarlockReminder reminds you of missing warlock buffs and procs, and shows your cooldowns. Included are combat reminders, such as Drain Soul or Molten Core. WarlockReminder creates 4 frames to track your buffs, combat procs, cooldowns and custom buffs.

BadPet detects hunter and warlock pets who are taunting (growl, taunt, thunderstomp or suffering) in instances and raids, and also helps hunters and warlocks prevent their pets from taunting in the first place.

It can be configured to report each pet once per combat period or each time the pet taunts. Reports can be kept private, sent as a whisper to the pet’s owner, or reported to party or raid chat.

Drainsouler is a ‘channeling spell’-tracking addon for Affliction Warlocks, DrainSouler shows all the important data you need to know about Drain Life, Drain Soul, Harvest Life, and Malefic Grasp.

Free Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
Licensed under Creative Commons
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If you have a favorite add-on you’d like covered, (and it’s not still in beta) just drop me an email at Icesnake DOT 1950 AT gmail DOT com

If I review it, you’ll get a shout-out on the segment!

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  • John Craft

    Hi I’m WoW newbe. I’m thinkink of taking some in-game leveling guides. I cant decide between dugi guide and x-elerated leveling guide.Could you please help me?


  • Simon Booth

    John…..have you tried Tycoon Addon ?…..one of the best paid addons out there in my opinion