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The End of a WoWphiles Era

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 by: Jason Zimmerman
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Time To Let My Baby Go
by Jason.

I’ve had a hard time wanting to let go of the WoWphiles podcast.

It was my baby. I had a short lived podcast before this and also a web video show (that hardly anyone saw but it was still awesome) but nothing like this podcast.

From the idea to conception and execution it was a great ride.

It was one of the most fun experiences during a time when WoW was the greatest game in the world.

Time has passed, I’ved gotten older and now I just can’t play WoW like I used to. It’s sad because there are days when I miss playing non-stop for 8 straight hours and I wish those days could come back.

But the love (and addiction) has faded an it took me a long time to realize that to keep trying to talk about WoW in a podcast would be disingenuous.

So, hence the official end of the WoWphiles era is here.

Like I said on day one to all of our listeners: I love you long time.

Your comments, emails, reviews, and support are what gave us such wonderful motivation throughout the run of the show. You are all very much appreciated.

This day is bittersweet however, because while one book has closed, we’ve opened a new exciting book called the Mach 5 Network and the Mach 5 Podcast.

Now we get to talk about all the other things that we geek out for.

Thank you all for your support over the years and I hope we can continue this relationship with our new endeavors.


What WoWphiles Meant to Me
by Jacob aka Modem.

Here we are. I know it’s been months since our last run of podcasts, but it’s time to officially bring the WoWphiles show to a close. What to say? I know it’s a sad chapter for all of us, but it was just the right time. Though Jason and I always loved podcasting and communicating with our listeners, the subject matter really became stale overtime as we both fell out of playing WoW. One thing we always promised to our listeners was that we were going to be the podcast for real players by real players, and when we couldn’t commit to our end of that it felt disingenuous to continue on with the show.

I guess to me the WoWphiles podcast will always be about the friendships and our listeners. Over the time recording the show I made some fantastic lasting friendships, and an enduring bromance with Jason. And how can we forget about Icesnake and Evinrue? They did so much for the show, and are just absolutely amazing people that I am so thankful to have had the chance to get to know and work with.

I know everyone says this, but we had the best listeners, passionate people who wouldn’t be afraid to challenge us on our opinions. I dare say you guys didn’t just make us better podcasters because we wanted to make you happy, but in the end you made us better people.

I hope that all of you will follow us over to our new venture with the Mach 5 Network, it’s something that Jason and I have been working towards for many years now and something we know will be able to last a long time. Mach 5 is a geek news & culture network where we discuss interesting topics ranging from products to films, TV, video games, and technology. It’s something that will hopefully have a little something for every one of our listeners, and I know that we are going to have a lot of fun with.

Regardless, of whether you were here for one or all 86 episodes, I wanted to say thank you so much for listening and being a part of our community. I hope that we’ll all see each other again out there again on the Mach 5 Network.

So for one last time, thank you for listening to the WoWphiles Podcast. Peace out.

All the best,
Jacob aka Modem

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