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WoWphile (wo̵u fīl) — One who loves, likes, or is sometimes obsessed with World of Warcraft.

WoWphiles.com provides World of Warcraft players with a Blog and Podcast that is focused on entertaining and informing. This site was created by World of Warcraft players who love the game and want to bring you the news, strategies, tips, advice and discussions that you are looking for.

The WoWphiles Podcast is one of the highest rated and most loved World of Warcraft Podcasts. Give the show a listen and find out why a community of thousands of listeners are /cheering for the WoWphiles Podcast.

Our Current Team

Jason Zimmerman Founder/Podcast Co-Host

Jason is the founder of WoWphiles.com and the co-host of the WoWphiles podcast. He loves all things WoW and especially talking and writing about his favorite video game.

Jacob aka “Modem” Podcast Co-Host

Modem is a contributing author to the WoWphiles blog and the co-host of the WoWphiles podcast. He is a raid leader, altaholic, and a true WoWphile.