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New Warcraft Parody Song: Goblin Trike

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New Warcraft Parody Song: Goblin Trike

[Sep 24, 2010 | One Comment] by: Jason Zimmerman

Scott Pilgrim vs The World may have brought us the song “Garbage Truck”, but Thrall vs The World brings us the new hit song “Goblin Trike”.

The awesome song is courtesy of the WoWphiles Podcast’s very own Modem and the wonderful Thrall vs The World comic comes from our own Evinrue.

Here is the direct download link: WoWphiles Music –”Goblin Trike”

Audio Player is at the bottom of this post.


I’ll take …

Varian and Anduin Wrynn

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Warcraft Fan Art: Evinrue’s Minis

[Sep 17, 2010 | 8 Comments] by: Jason Zimmerman

Since the WoWphiles Podcast’s very own Evinrue keeps procrastinating when it comes to posting any of her art or fan fiction, I’ve taken it upon myself to do it for her.

Here are a few of her pieces from her collection of mini Warcraft characters. Enjoy, and feel free to tell her how awesome they are in the comments section and encourage her to stop procrastinating and give us more.